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  1. J

    June 29th - AT 6PM

    Standing in line That's the way to do it! ALthough hanging out with a bunch of Mac users for an evening may be kind of fun anyway. I remember standing outside an Apple store waiting for a chance to get a free mac. I didn't win, but it wasn't an unpleasant experience.
  2. J

    Unlocking iPhone (BS or not BS)

    Soon I guess we'll find out soon.
  3. J

    Built in webcam?

    It'll happen I'm sure we'll have video conferencing over the iPhone in the not too distant future. Bill Gates was talking about how that was the next step for communications when him and Steve Jobs were being interviewed together. Of course Jobs couldn't talk about upcoming Apple technologies...
  4. J

    Syncing widgets

    Widgets made for iPhone It seems to me that Apple had iPhone in mind when they came out with the widgets. Tiny little applications that sync with the internet to provide a huge array of services seem like the perfect fit for a portable communication device like the iPhone.
  5. J

    Here is the key to iPhone activation!

    Makes sense It make sense to me you'd need an iTunes account. You can't do much with Apple devices without one.
  6. J

    Pissed about no iChat?

    Lame It's very lame if they don't allow iChat on the iPhone. I can't imagine that we're too far away from video conferencing through iPhone.
  7. J

    Pricing "rumors"

    Cost of internet Cingular charges up to $60 for internet services so I'm sure there will be something extra for those services.
  8. J

    Future iPhones pic....

    That's funny. I wonder if there's a shuffle function on the actual iPhone. I personally am going to recommend that to Apple. "Hello." "Who is this?" "What do you mean? You called me." "So." "Who's this?...:laugh2:
  9. J

    iPhone Camera Viewer

    connections Do all iPods connect with USB or do newer ones connect with somehting faster? It'd be nice if there was an option for firewire.