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  1. palash barania

    3G data on iPhone 3GS

    How to get 3g data usage on iPhone 3gs? I am workin fine with 2g data through sim and through wifi but when i switch to 3g from settings, the network is lost from phone and can't use 3g as well as calling. Can anyone know about this? Sent from my iPhone
  2. palash barania

    Upgrade iOS problem

    When i tried upgrading to iOS 5.0.1 on my 3gs, iTunes completed the update successfuly and after it said: not enough space ... Stil i have 9gb free... Help i want ios 5 ... I want Siri on my phone.:) Sent from my iPhone
  3. palash barania

    Themes SD

    Can anyone tell me the names of some nice themes which cover all apps and complete winterboard, also with some interesting fornts.
  4. palash barania

    Slow responding iPhone 3GS

    I have iPhone 3gs 16 GB on which i have 9GB space free but still it respond so slow. I am running on iOS 4.1. Tried cleaning the multitasking tray and clearing cache of browser but nothing happened. Is there any solution other then restoring?