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    New In Ear Headphones?

    Will they every be here. I know I know, I'm impatient, but my stock ones just broke, and I'm holding out. Anyone have a better clue than "October" or "Coming soon?" I wanna give APPLE my money already ! hahahah:laugh2:
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    Suggestions for my next Apple purchase!

    Hey Everyone, I got 100 apple-dollars (patent pending haha), and I'm itching to spend it on a nifty new something. I don't have nor desire to get iPhone 3G, and I have plenty of headphones... I'm stuck and I don't really want to get an iTunes gift card. So...any advice, what should I get? I'm...
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    Tiff Exploit website?

    Does anyone know the status of the tiff exploit (jailbreak) website that you need to put in your iPhone in order to crash safari? I keep trying to do it, and it keeps not working as it is supposed to. I type it in correctly and have checked that several times... answers?
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    Modding Success?

    I want to take an informal poll. What is the success rate of the current modding process. I'm itching to mod, but I want to go in with some data first so I know I'm making the right choice. Thanks!
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    1.1.1 Almost cooked?

    I read over on (although Im not that technically well-read) that it seems that there has been progress on hacking the phone. check it out for yourself!
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    Upgrading to Intel based

    Is there anyway to upgrade a powerbook iBook G4 to an intel based system? second question Is there anyway to run windown programs on a non-intel based iMac?
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    My hats off to Apple

    So, after a two month, torrid love affair with my iPhone, it had a severe stroke and went deaf, so the sound no longer worked. I was assured on the phone that I could swap it at an Apple store. Even though the wait at the iPhone ER was long, I put my old iPhone out to sea, may it RIP. But the...
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    Multiple COmputers

    If you have iTunes on a PC and Mac, could you sync with both? sorry if this is a duplicate. I went searching and didn't find anything on this topic (perhaps it's out there, so sorry again)