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    iFrogz Luxe Lean Review with pictures

    The iFrogz Luxe Lean I purchased the iFrogz Luxe Lean on iDay4 to protect my investment until something better came out. I have been pleasantly surprised with it up to this point. First let me start off by saying that I am all about minimalism. I like to keep my phone in my pocket and not...
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    Mobile Me Cloud

    I cannot get my Mobile Me to send me the calendar or mail since the upgrade to 3gs. Any thoughts on making it work? i have push and find my iPhone enabled on the iPhone. I cannot make it connect and update at all.
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    Any new Battery info?

    It has been a week or so since iDay 2. I am well aware of all the battery issues, but I was wondering if it has seemed to get better? There have been plenty of folks who "think" that it will improve after a few cycles though. Has anyone seen any improvements? I am still on the fence...
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    Giving wife V1 Question

    Did a search but came up with a bunch of nothing. Sorry if this has been covered, I promise I tried. Has anyone gone upgraded the V1 to a 3g for 299 and transfered the V1 to someone else (wife) on the family plan? If so, did the V1 transfer make the wife sign a new 2 year deal as well? I...
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    1.1.3 Volume increase?

    Is it just me or did the volume increase with the new update. I typically do not listen to the iPhone without headphones but my ringtones are crazy loud now. So to test it out I played a few songs over the speaker. Even with the volume almost all the way to the left (circle is almost to the...
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    AT&T next Gen?

    Ok, AT&T is supposedly testing a new network that is much faster than 3g. I can not remember what she called it, but it was 4 letters and started with a H. I was in a room with my iPhone, her curve (ATT employee), and a black jack. The black jack was 3g, my iPhone EGDE and hers was on the...