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  1. Spazzza


    I love traveling and I love this feature. Where are your photos from?
  2. Spazzza

    Facebook Messenger

    I recently got an iPhone 5 and when I ever get messages via Facebook they come up on the Facebook app as opposed to the messenger app. This never happened on my iPhone 5 and was wondering if I could changed it so they appear in the Messenger app. Thanks in advance.
  3. Spazzza

    Nba Game Time

    I bought Nba game time last season and I tried I use it again now but this message come up and then it exits the app. When will the app work again?
  4. Spazzza

    Updating Apps

    I just need to know if when you update apps does it redownload the whole app or just the new part?
  5. Spazzza

    Lost Half my Apps

    Recently my laptop was erased and i decided i should back up my phone so that if anything happens i can restore it. So it was backing up and it said it was transferring 95 apps which is the correct amount. Then when it finishes only 28 have been put on my laptop. And these 28 are the only ones...
  6. Spazzza

    Songs From iPhone to Laptop

    My laptop has recently been wiped and I have all my songs saved in my iPhone. I was wondering I there is anyway that I can get the songs from my iPhone to my laptop? Any help is appreciated thank you.
  7. Spazzza

    Linking Apps in Texts

    Is there a way that I can Link an app to someone else through text.
  8. Spazzza

    iPhone Personal Hotspot

    My Personal Hotspot was working fine and i would use it quite frequently but then my phone stoppe working and i had to restore it and now the option to turn on has gone from my settings. Dow anyone know why this happened and how to get it back? Thanks in advance
  9. Spazzza

    Where are iPhone backups stored on PC?

    I restored my iPhone a few times recently. And I noticed that it was using up my drive space, I'm assuming this is from the back up. I was wondering where this is stored and I I can delete the back up because half of them aren't necessary. Thanks.
  10. Spazzza


    I was trying to change the brightness on my phone one time and the phone cut off. When I press the lock screen it flashes on for a second then turns on. When I shine a light on it at the right angle I can see everything on the screen and everything works but it's very dull. I restored the...
  11. Spazzza

    Print From iPhone 4

    I'm not sure if this is the right section and I'm sorry if it's not. Is it possible to print from my iPhone? My printer is wifi enabled and I have been able to print wirelessly from laptops but I haven't been able to from my phone.
  12. Spazzza

    Multiplayer Games

    Does anyone know any good multiplayer games. Not ones where you have to be right next to each other but ones you can play while you are apart. Thanks in advance.
  13. Spazzza

    American App Store

    I live in Australia and people have recommended different apps to me but I can't find them in the app store. Someone told me this is because the American and Australian app store have different apps. So I was wondering if there is any way I can get the American apps on my iPhone. Thanks in...
  14. Spazzza

    iBooks for free?

    Is there any way I can get the books in the iBooks app for free?
  15. Spazzza

    Flashlight app giving me problems

    The flashlight on my iPhone is really screwing up. I had the itorch 4 app, but I deleted it when it first started playing up. The flashlight will randomly shine, sometimes bright sometimes dull. One time the flash was on and I turned my phone off but the light was still on. When it's on I can...
  16. Spazzza

    Does Safari use data when iPhone is locked?

    If I am using safari and I go to the home page then forget about safety and lock my phone does it keep using my internet data.
  17. Spazzza

    Separate Wallpapers

    Is there a way to set different wallpapers for different screens?
  18. Spazzza

    Cancel downloading apps

    After I start downloading an app how do I cancel it?
  19. Spazzza

    Bluetooth to Laptop

    How do I connect my laptop to my iPhone so I can Bluetooth photos, songs or other things between them.
  20. Spazzza

    Pros and cons of jailbreaking

    I am really considering jailbreaking my iPhone 4 but I want to know things about it first. Like what are the benefits what are the disadvantages. Screenshots of jailbroken iPhones would also be appreciated thank you.