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    iPad dubbing movie

    I have an iPad mini that I just updated to 7.1.1. Someone gave me a digital copy of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. I can play it on my computer perfectly, but when I drop it onto my iPad through iTunes it adds a dub over the English. It speaks in English then 1 second later in another language (not...
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    Hide SMS messages?

    Delete- reboot- reinstall = Worka perfect! Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!
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    Hide SMS messages?

    Ok, BiteSMS is perfect! ....but... I can send messages and receive them as long as the app is open. Once I close it it deletes all recent messages. If the app is closed it gives the ringtone and vibrate but the SMS doesn't show up. I uninstalled and it's doing that with my stock messages I...
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    Hide SMS messages?

    I am jailbroken. Couldnt have it any other way. I'll try the BiteSMS. I tried iblacklist but couldn't get it to work correctly. Thanks for the replies.
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    Hide SMS messages?

    Ive looked but can't seem to find an answer to this... Is it currently possible to hide a contact in my SMS app? I don't want to hide the entire app just specific contacts as I have to leave my phone in my work truck often and I have nosey coworkers and a wife who texts often.
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    My friend had an app that could play music to his PC through his iPhone over WIFI..

    It's called Orb. My bro has it as well. You can stream any music to you iPhone/ipod from you computer if it's downloaded on both sides and you have internet connection on both sides.
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    iPad 2 shipped!

    Just ordered one for my wife (anniversary). Of course it'll be my little toy too!
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    iPhone 4 lost pic

    As a last resort you could put all your apps in one folder so you only have one app on the pic :( If you are jailbroken you could install "Blanks" and fill the springboard with balnk icons and take a screen shot of it then.
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    Issue with battery and charging

    You should probably take it in and get it checked out... Doesn't sound normal. Mine gets hot occasionally, but only when downloaded mass amounts of movies for hours and not extremely hot either.
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    Volume of speakerphone on iPhone 4

    Might be your phone... Mine is nice and loud. I can hear it with no problem, but sa friend of mine let me listen to hers and I could barely hear it. SHe had to take it in and get it fixed.
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    Look at this speed I'm getting on the iPhone 4

    I recently switched to Clear Wire and I'm getting speeds of 0.32mb/s on wifi..... not even joking. I have to tether my iPhone to my laptop to even use it now.
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    Internet used iPhone 4

    Ok, Tha had to be the wrong place then. I got the text and it says Data: 4417.2 MB. Next cycle is Oct 22
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    Internet used iPhone 4

    I don't know if it's the right stats though. It's never been reset and I got my phone around July 7th.
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    Internet used iPhone 4

    I can't seem to log into the att app, but my phone says my data usage is 67.8GB, not sure if that transferred form my old phone or it's all from my new phone. ...I watch a lot of movies.
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    Internet used iPhone 4

    I'm not finding how to get to this screen. Is this your cellular network data?
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    Apps opening and closing right after

    That also happens when an app isn't updated to the current OS
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    Safari download plugin compatible with 4.0, 4.0.1?

    I went ahead and downloaded "downloads" from the appstore. It's pretty nice although I rather not have th extra icon, but right now it can't be helped. I downloaded safari download manager and it says "There was an error loading the preference bundle for safari download manager" in the...
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    Safari download plugin compatible with 4.0, 4.0.1?

    I added the "Downloads" folder with ifile, but I can't get safari download plugin or safari down manager to work now. Download ifile from cydia - go to var/mobile/library/ - push "edit on the top right - push the + sign at the left bottom then name your folder Downloads.
  19. T causing my iPhone 4 to crash a lot...

    Cydia itself is acting very buggy, but I'm still getting most of what I want from it. I did install mywi and it crashed my phpone5 times until I deleted it.
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    Safari download plugin compatible with 4.0, 4.0.1?

    My brother claims if you can ssh into your phone you can add a "Library" folder, but I haven't been able to try it.