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    3GS on 5.0...can I update to 5.1?

    It looks like sn0wbreeze will work. What about Ultrasn0w for the unlock? Where do I find this information?
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    Jb and unlock ... Confused

    I have a 3GS on 5.14.04 OS 4.01. I had used the comdex slide to unlock and ultrasn0w and it was so easy. I'm fairly new to the iPhone. How can I upgrade? It's so confusing. I have to have the unlock because I use t-mobile and now some of my apps are not compatible when I try to update them...
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    Apple warranty questions

    I bought a white 3GS from a coworker. He was on at and t. I jailbroke and unlocked it and use tmobile and all is fine. I use the phone a lot and was wondering what happens when the battery needs to be placed. The phone is under extended warranty. Will Apple change the battery if the phone is...
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    Is there a way to show the current date

    Hi is there an easy way to show the current date next to the time?