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  1. eduran214

    Does anyone hate the new iTunes?

    I just went back to the old style sidebar seems almost the same to me
  2. eduran214

    Samsung Galaxy S III vs New iPhone

    Haven't seen much of it since I'm still at work but it doesn't sound too "groundbreaking" if I must say as I thought it would. But I'll look more onto it when I get home. Basically im upgrade ready and was waiting for the best option be it Android or the new iPhone I guess I'll wait and see how...
  3. eduran214

    How many browsers are installed on your computer?

    Chrome, Safari and ie9(it's actually been my primary browser for the past month or so)
  4. eduran214

    POLL How many App Screens Do You Have?

    I only have two. The main screen is only full three rows and my 2nd is filled also to the third row. I like to stay really organized and only have apps that I really use and only like 4 games.
  5. eduran214

    Blackberry or Droid notification sounds?

    I to wondered this an have a solution that worked for me with Android notifications but I don't know about blackberry First what I did was search and found a converter called iringer. It can convert files that you have into ringtones. (I have a ringtone app maker on my iPhone by found that I I...
  6. eduran214


    It's actually in my opinion think its a pretty good commercial.
  7. eduran214

    iPhone 4S: Black or White?

    I have the black 4s and at the end it comes down to you but I'll tell you in my opinion and it's pretty simple because I always see girls with white iPhones and thought it looked girly just my two cents lol
  8. eduran214

    Does anyone hate the fact that you have to update your apps all the time?

    Well it sort of does. If the update is to fix any problems I'm all for it but what gets me annoyed is the fact that the red notification bubble stays there I liked how Android just showed you in the notification bar