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  1. doron

    iPhone 4 Will Only Work on Leopard?

    I noticed that the Mac system requirements are 10.5.8 or higher. Well, I think I need to sync my 3G up to my Mac-Pro don't you think?
  2. doron

    External Battery for iPhone 4

    Does anyone know if the iPhone 4 has an external battery?
  3. doron

    AT&T Exclusive Contract With Apple To End 201-?

    ...just wanted to know when this exclusive contract between AT&T and Apple is going to officially end....i heard that it was 5 years...that would mean 2012 right?
  4. doron

    FaceTime Anyone?

    "FaceTime was my idea..." I'm looking forward to using this.
  5. doron

    No Commitment For The iPhone 4

    Based on the recent news post: how many of you are going to pay the "no commitment" price? How many of you are willing to just wait it out, and get the iPhone 4 when it comes avail with a next carrier? Personally, I'm sticking with AT&T..pricewise, it might be better...
  6. doron

    Data Plans For The iPhone 4

    AT&T's site is down. Any idea what the data plans are going to be?
  7. doron


    iBooks is iBooks just an ereader, or is it set up like iTunes where authors like myself can get my books published?
  8. doron

    iPad Unlocked?

    has there been any confirmation on the unlocked version of the iPad as far as pricing, carriers-coverage...blah-zay blah-zay...? we already know AT&T got 3G on who's going to get the unlocked? (what about verizon being an available carrier?)
  9. doron

    iPad: ONLY For AT&T? Oh Boy Here We Go...

    so i just chkd this article and the only answer for why the iPad, like the iPhone is with AT&T, "Evidently, it was convenient. " For who I wonder?
  10. doron

    Voice Memo on the iPad?

    did a search on this and came up with zero...will the iPad have voice memo on it?
  11. doron

    iPad: The iPhone On Steroids

    i just had this thought will i was looking at the iPad...if its going to do just about everything the iPhone will do..i should sell my iPhone and just go Metro for $40/mo. all talk all text...what yall think...
  12. doron

    All contacts gone after standard sync!!

    I have the standard 3G....just did a regular sync...and now ALL my contacts are gone! I went to my preferences in iTunes and the krazy thing about it is that it doesn't show my iPhone backups...this is krazy
  13. doron

    Tethering Via Bluetooth On Locked iPhone 3.0 Software

    thanks to a mutual friend on facebook christopher miller...i am able to tether my iPhone with my macbook via bluetooth...and did i mention that my iPhone 3G is "locked"...the first thing i did was click on this link and follow the steps..and the rest is self explanatory...
  14. doron

    Is Tethering Worth $55/month?

    I saw the news posted up about AT&T possibly offering tethering service for $55/ it worth it? Let me know your thoughts
  15. doron

    3G Network Issues Because Of 3.0 Software

    Anyone having 3G Network issues? The 3G symbol does not populate, but WiFi works. Interesting. I'm on the phone now with Tech Support.
  16. doron

    To upgrade or not to upgrade to iPhone 3GS

    as a current 3Gr i wasn't ALL that impressed with the announcement of the 3GS...although it does have a FEW more features than the 3G, i don't personally don't think i'll get it...i'd rather wait out this contract issue with AT&T and then get it, or whatever version they will release by then...
  17. doron

    3.0 Update: Read The Fine Print

    i was just on Apple's site and saw a couple of things... MMS- MMS support from AT&T coming in late summer. MMS is not supported on first-generation iPhone. Sending video via MMS is not supported on iPhone 3G. TETHERING- Tethering is not currently offered in the U.S. and some other countries...
  18. doron

    Apple's App Approval Process

    ...well, after learning about the Baby Shaker App, i wanted to start a discussion concerning Apple's App approval's procedure must not be that extensive, as far as requiring some sort of demo of an app before approval...your thoughts?
  19. doron

    SDK (3.0 Beta) for programmers only?

    Quick question that need a quick answer please. Since the SDK release Apple made it appear to me that "anyone" can develop apps for the iPhone...yeah " easy, a cave..." yeah you know the rest...well, another source just emailed me and informed that "Even though they make it seem so easy, you...
  20. doron

    Apple Lawyers Are At It Again "No It's My 'Pod'.."

    well, they're at it JUST HAPPEN to see this on't they just have an issue with podium? ...and now this? Apple Lawyers Claim Dominion Over "Pod" Categories: Apple (Macintosh, iPod) Tags: Apple, iPod, trademark Apple's never been shy with the...