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  1. Santa

    Fire TV Stick - Cheap for Amazon Prime members

    Amazon just announced a "stick" version of their Fire box. Maybe not newsworthy, BUT: If you're already a prime member, you can get one or two for only $19 if you pre-order today or tomorrow. I ordered a couple, well, just because they're only $19! Click here to see the description
  2. Santa

    What color iPhone 6/6 Plus are you going to get?

    By popular demand. I'm going space grey. Now I just have to decide what size.
  3. Santa

    Most excellent app: iThoughts

    Just wanted to second Chris' mention of iThoughts in his app of the week column. I've been using this app for years... almost every day. The developer continues to add features and is very responsive to issues and feature requests. By far the best mind mapping tool in iOS land.
  4. Santa

    Talk 'n Surf on Verizon/iPhone 6?

    I just read that AT&T is starting to roll out voice over LTE. Has anyone read anything about Verizon doing the same? Or that the iPhone 6 will have an extra antennae to do talk 'n surf on Verizon? I'm really happy with the coverage I'm getting on Verizon, but I miss talk 'n surf a lot more...
  5. Santa

    Confused about Cellular Models

    My brother's looking for a tablet and has asked me for advice. I'm confused a bit about the cell models. If you aren't committing to the cell carrier, then why do they have four different models for the four different carriers. If I buy an "AT&T" model from Apple will it work on the other...
  6. Santa

    ThinkPad Helix - Looks pretty darn cool.

    This puppy looks pretty nice. I could dump my laptop if I had this. i7, 256 SD drive, 8gb ram... Just have to find $2000!
  7. Santa

    A zillion flickering horizontal lines

    My iPhone 5 just started having a bunch of flickering lines from top to bottom on the screen. All the searches I've run on this start with "reset the phone". But I really don't want to lose my jailbreak so I don't want to. I put the phone into safe mode but the lines still show. Do I have...
  8. Santa

    Rhapsody/Zappa + the Niners: HNY to me!

    I just logged on to Rhapsody and much to my delight, they've now got the whole Frank Zappa collection available. I've always been a big fan of their service - great music selection and they compensate the artists better than Spotify or Rdio. But among the artists they didn't have: Zappa...
  9. Santa

    Is this real? $30?

    In looking at Apple's website, they have an adapter that converts the existing 30 pin dock connector to a lightning connector. The Apple Store has this listed for $30. Are they for real?
  10. Santa

    Is the new dock connector giving anyone else pause?

    I read the story on the front page of this wonderful web site and it reminded me how irritated I am with Apple and their need to stay with a proprietary connection. I"m going to end up paying hundreds of dollars for the new phone. I'm then going to have to pay at least $50 just to maintain my...
  11. Santa

    Why is Rhapsody considered a poor stePChild?

    Chris' review: is another example. It's a great review, but why leave out Rhapsody? This seems to be a common theme among all music service reviews. Rhapsody: Has professionally programmed radio stations Radio...
  12. Santa

    Mother's Day Ideas

    My wife want's one of these for Mother's day Anyone have any other wacky ideas?
  13. Santa

    Weird Iconoclasm Behavior with folders

    I've been playing around with Iconoclasm. I managed to make a free form layout, but when I started using it, I found that folders didn't work well. This is what I got: Stuff doesn't scroll up so I can see all the icons in the folder. I went back and checked the included "free form"...
  14. Santa

    Modern Warfare 3, day 1: More energy used than a nuclear power station generates

    From Extreme Tech: Blah, Blah, Blah, "MW3 had a peak power draw of 3.5 million * 300 watts, or 1050 megawatts — 1.05 gigawatts. The average output for a nuclear power station is around 850 megawatts" Amusing, and somewhat disturbing...
  15. Santa

    Consistent 3194 error on my upgrade to iOS 5

    I've been getting 3194 errors since yesterday morning. Always at the same time during the upgrade (while verifying the software). I don't get any other error. I've done it a bunch of times including last night. I'm pretty darn sure that my issue isn't related to the server load. I think I'm...
  16. Santa

    Fix the Pdf exploit in 4.x that JailbreakMe 3.0 uses

    I know this has been posted before, but it took me a while to find it this morning so I though it was important enough for it's own thread. Use it to fix the exploit, then you won't have to upgrade to 4.3.4 when it's released.
  17. Santa

    Stuck with Sprint. Advice?

    I just did a price check and Sprint ends up being $50/mo cheaper than AT&T or Verizon for my wife and son. So I think we're sticking with Sprint. Anybody have advice on which smartphone my wife should get? She's got a Pre now, and is pretty happy, but the new Pre isn't out yet and Sprint...
  18. Santa

    Fragger is free

    In case anyone cares. It's free for a "limited time"
  19. Santa

    Navigon on sale

    In case you've been thing about buying a navigation program for your iPhone/iPad: Navigon for the US is on sale for $35. A very good deal for probably the best nav software.
  20. Santa

    Anyone sign up for the NY Times subscription?

    I'm curious if anyone's signed up for the NY Times subscription for either their iPhone or iPad? I wasn't going to, but I just got sent a 1/2 price for 6 mos. offer, and now I'm considering it for my iPhone. I know there are a lot of other sources of news, but I really enjoy some of their in...