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  1. memnautikus

    Sprint data limits

    I had AT&T iPhone 4S and yeah speeds we're great. But I only got close to 2 gbps rarely but always over 1. I went to sprint because of the unlimited data. Has anyone ever gone over 5gb a month? I am trying to find out if they throttle it. If u have sprint please post the most gb you had with sprint...
  2. memnautikus

    Why don't they subsidize the iPad 2?

    Why can't we get subsidized iPad 2's? I can't afford freakin $499! That's not really fair. UK is doing it. Any reason why not here? It burns me mad!
  3. memnautikus

    My iPhone won't connect to girlfriend's WiFi

    My iPhone used to connect at my girl's home wifi. Now it doesn't. But it connects fine every where else. But at her place it can't. I know the name and password but it won't log me in. Anyone knows what's wrong? I tried settings reset and restoring and still nothing. I keep thinking if she...
  4. memnautikus

    AT&T lost a customer

    I had ordered an iph4 on the 7th of July. Backordered. Then after 10 days they cancelled it. I called and they told me they cannot accept debit cards. Only credit. So I went verizon to check out the droid x. I'm totally sold. Plus they still have unlimited data. also I can wait till verizon gets...
  5. memnautikus

    Instore stock question

    I haven't preordered. So I'm planning on going to an AT&T store. Anyone know how early I should get there? And, do they carry a lot in stock?
  6. memnautikus


    I just placed an order through Apple. I got my order number. They never mentioned if I was eligible. I know my credit ain't that great. I was expecting to pay deposit. Anyone know if I did qualified? I did get an Apple receipt with July 6 delivery date. I'm too excited. Don't want to get let down.
  7. memnautikus

    Data caps question

    How many hours can I use streaming radio ( pandora) till I reach 25gb? Anyone know?
  8. memnautikus

    3G vs 2G pandora questions

    I want to know one thing concerning these data caps. If 2 ppl had an iPhone. One is on 3G and the other on 2G, and they both have pandora on at the same time. Who will use more data in an hour?
  9. memnautikus

    iPad gift cards question

    anyone know if i can buy giftcards and later use them to buy me an ipad 3g? im terrible with money. i know if i get the gift cards itll be better for me.
  10. memnautikus

    3G/2G question

    im thinking about buying an ipad. my question for anyone out there. we don't have 3g in are area. only 2g. will the ipad 3g still work for me on 2g?
  11. memnautikus


    I hate the fact Apple doesn't want to come out with Flash and especially downright trashtalking adobe. My question is, why doesn't Adobe come out with Flash for jailbroken phones? Thatll hit em below da belt. I'd like to hear someone's opinion..
  12. memnautikus

    Can I use my paid iPhone apps for free on iPad?

    If I buy an ipad. Will I be able to download apps I already bought fir my iPhone? Example, I got need for speed shift fir iPhone. Will I be able to redownload it on the ipad for free since I already bought it?
  13. memnautikus

    Alien technology?

    Why do I feel that maybe Jobs isn't from earth? Anyways, anyone knows if the Ipad will have google mars? Or google Titan? Google pandora? Would be nice.
  14. memnautikus

    Will new update bring multitasking to iPhone 3GS and/or v1 iPhone?

    Hoping for multitasking. Anyone knows if it's possible? I have both original and 3gs.
  15. memnautikus

    Mirror app maybe?

    Anyone know if it's possible to come up with a mirror app that way I can check my hair out before I enter starbucks?
  16. memnautikus

    No way. I'm seeing " no WiFi"

    I'm going crazy ppl. I just updated original iPhone to latest update. I noticed where it says wifi? It says no wifi. I can't even click on it. Is this true fir everyone? I'm lost. In a panic.
  17. memnautikus

    3GS to prepaid question

    I got a 3GS. Anyone know if I buy a gophone and put the sim card in the 3gs will work? I need to know.
  18. memnautikus

    Apps stop working

    I notice once in a while when I leave cell turned off charging, I can't get to my apps after I turn them on. I know I would sync it but I'm without a computer fir a month. Sometimes when I restart it couple times on purpose, it'll work again.
  19. memnautikus

    Pacific time MMS Qs

    I just read AT&T is releasing a file carrier settings for mms on Friday "late morning pacific time? What's that more or less if we are in the east coast?
  20. memnautikus

    Transfer:sync probs

    Check this out. I have videos purchased through iTunes. Everytime I sinc it's not letting me put my movies and shows to my iPhone? I tried everyway. I can't see why I have a 32GB. Someone let me know before I flush my laptop and 3 Gs in toilet.