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  1. showguy

    Finger scanner does not work when charging since 7.1 upgrade

    The title pretty much says it all. The Touch ID finger scanner does not work when charging since 7.1 upgrade. I never noticed this before.
  2. showguy

    5s sync issue

    Just got my 5s today and set off to restore from a backup and sync music. I had 11gigs available and all was fine. Halfway through syncing music the cable unplugged and I had to start over. As soon as I plugged back in iTunes was reporting only 2gigs available and showing like 10 gigs in other...
  3. showguy

    Weather in notification

    Weather forecast shows in notification screen on my ipad not iPhone 5. Funny when setting up ipad I got a question about allowing weather app. When I did phone I idid not get that question. Any clues? Thanks.
  4. showguy

    Scale and size not working

    Like the title says, since downloading 7.0 I can no longer scale and size photos for wallpaper.
  5. showguy

    WiFi not working on 6.0

    I just updated my iPhone and ipad to 6.0. Both have the same exact problem. When I try to connect to my home wifi an Apple log in page comes up. Very much the same as if you were trying to log into a hotel wireless etc. Any thoughts? everything was fine before the upgrade. The home wireless...
  6. showguy

    4S and AT&T

    I have had all 5 iPhones. I have noticed since day 1 with my 4S that when I shut the phone down and restart it that it takes a full minute of "searching" before I get any bars. This happens no matter where I am. No big deal signal strength is good call quality is great. Just a little annoying...
  7. showguy

    Outlook 2007 and iCloud

    Having trouble setting up icloud with outlook 2007. I downloaded the program, it syncs fine with the calander and book marks but gives me an error message when it is in the process of setting up and syncing the contacts. The message reads "an error has occurred". I have tried it several...
  8. showguy

    Interesting pre-order situation

    Like a lot of us I was up at 3:00am est to secure my new iPhone 4s. All went well and ATT conformation says I should see it nest Friday. Now here is the interesting part. I received a call this morning from my credit card company saying they noticed "suspicious" activity and have suspended use...
  9. showguy

    Has anybody tethered their WiFi iPad (no jail break)

    Before I give up my unlimited data plan on my iPhone 4 and get a tethering plan for use on my iPad wifi only I was wondering if anybody is doing this through Att not jail break and how it is working for you. I'm not a huge data user and would only be using my iPad on tether when I'm in an area...
  10. showguy

    Face time gone after upgrade

    I just updated to 4.1, full restore as new. I just went to call a buddy that I normally face time with and the face time icon was gone. He had a facetime Icon on his end. Any thoughts? Thanks
  11. showguy

    3G microcell suddenly seems to work

    So I am ready to pack this hunk of junk up and take it back or enter into a war with ATT because I am a day or so over my 30 day return time. I read about this mystery firmware upgrade that CC could not confirm or tell me how I would know if I got it. I decided after having it unplugged for a...
  12. showguy

    Is AT&T pointing the finger at Apple for microcell issues?

    Is ATT pointing the finger at Apple for microcell issues? Well sombody has got to take the blame for another big problem that has been widley reported. Read below!
  13. showguy

    Will exchange solve Bluetooth issue

    I have a week 23 iPhone 4 which is perfect with the exception of bluetooth issues that have rendered my jaw bone icon and plantronics pro nearly useless. The usual, no range, muddy voice quality on the other side etc. Do you think exchanging the phone will resolve the issue? I work from my...
  14. showguy

    3G micro cell to the rescue

    After 4 years if frustrating dropped calls in a marginal ATT coverage area I am finally complete. I installed the ATT 3g micro cell today and man what a difference. Full bars all over the house and parts of outside. No dropped calls. People think I am on a land line. Actually I am, the way this...
  15. showguy

    alergic to plastic

    I just got my new case mate barley there case for the iPhone 4. Nice case by the way. Anyway the first thing I did is slip it on and try the reception death grip hold and quess what, the bars "still" go down. So in theory I am guessing the iPhone 4 is not only alergic to human skin but maybe...
  16. showguy

    Mail Question

    Why is it that whenever somebody sends me an email with an a attachment (video) that is compatiable with the iPhone such as MOV. OR WMV. file it can not be read if it was forwarded to me. In other words if it was sent to me as the orginal recepient it works fine, but if it was forwarded to me...
  17. showguy

    Has Pandora been saved?

    WASHINGTON - Congress has cleared the way for a potential agreement intended to save the emerging Internet radio market from a crippling hike in copyright royalty rates. ADVERTISEMENT The measure, which was sponsored by Rep. Jay Inslee, D-Wash., and now heads to the president, would...
  18. showguy

    Things are heating up

    I have suddenly noticed over the last couple of weeks that when my phone is set on 3g and i make or receive calls that the phone is really getting hot in the back. If I turn 3g off and go back to edge the phone cools down and never heats up during phone calls. Also as much as I was a big fan of...
  19. showguy

    Flight tracker

    Save your money or donate $2.99 to charity. You will feel better. This app does not work. All I get is "internet error 0" Tried it with edge, 3g and wifi with no luck. Their support page (that is linked from iTunes) does not even mention this app. You have to go to their forum to see that...
  20. showguy

    Speed test 3G post 2.1

    It might not be accurate but it beats the s--t out off speeds I was getting prior to 2.1. In many cases my 3g service was so bad, the test app. would not even open.