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  1. GSA190

    Problem renting movies on Apple TV

    I received an Apple TV for Christmas. It's running on 4.4.4 software. When I rent a movie it prompts me to enter the security code on the back of my credit card. After entering the code, for a brief second, I see "Connecting to iTunes". It then sends me right back to the preview page for the...
  2. GSA190

    Rootcases for iPhone 4/4S

    I just came across Rootcases for the iPhone. They look pretty cool, but I'd like to hear what you guys think of them.
  3. GSA190

    Strange iTunes Problem

    This isn't a serious problem, but it's very annoying and strange. Let's say I edit a songs info in iTunes and leave the edit window in iTunes, then I open Google Chrome and I'm on Twitter, after a few seconds iTunes will automatically open up over Google Chrome. When the edit box isn't open, I...
  4. GSA190

    Three Word Story Game

    There was a similar thread like, but it suddenly died, so I decided to start a new story. Rules: You can only post three words for your part. No double-posting. You can post again as long as there's a post after your last one. i'll start it off Once there was.
  5. GSA190

    App launch issue

    I have a 16gb iPhone 4, running on the latest firmware. When I launch an app (that isn't already running in the background) there is absolutely no transition period from when I tap the app to when the app launches. It's not a big problem, but it's one of those things that bothers me. I already...
  6. GSA190

    Istant restart

    I was trying to listen to a preview of a song on iTunes, and my phone automatically rebooted. Can anyone explain this?
  7. GSA190

    Interview The Person Below You

    I'll start. What is your favorite Apple product and why?
  8. GSA190

    Do iPhone 4s come with SIM cards?

    I'm ordering a iPhone 4 and i'd like to know if the iPhone 4 will come with a sim card or do I use the sim card in my current iPhone 3GS? Thank you in advance!
  9. GSA190

    $399 to $599?

    A few days ago I checked the price for the iPhone and it said 399. I knew my upgrade wasn't until 2010 so I was fine with the price. I just checked back and the price of the phone is 599. What the hell happened?
  10. GSA190

    No Dust Case

    I'm not sure if this is even possible but is there a iPhone 3G case that doesn't collect dust and dirt between in inside of the case and the outter phone shell? This always scratches my phone.
  11. GSA190

    Case that don't corrode your iPhone

    I currently have the iCase slider iPhone 3g case. I hate it. Dust collects inside of it every day and corrodes the outer shell of the iPhone. I really want a case that would greatly decrease the corroding and eliminate it completly. Can someone suggest a iPhone 3G S case?
  12. GSA190

    How is my phone filled up to capacity and I have nothing on it?

    I have no music on my phone..only a few photos and contacts. That is it. I plug my iPhone into iTunes and I have 11.25 GB of "other" filled up and I can't add the music I want to. Whats is the problem?
  13. GSA190

    strange battery problem

    Yesterday I used my phone for most of the day, the battery was full for the whole day. Then around 11 PM the battery was still full. Then all of a sudden the phone died and I had no battery just like that. Has this ever happened to anyone?
  14. GSA190

    Syncing iPhone with new iTunes

    alrighty, well i broke my current laptop which had all of my music and applications that weren't on my phone. I'm getting a new mac in a few weeks but I was just thinking, since i'm going to download iTunes on the mac, will it automatically sync all of my information on my phone to the iTunes...
  15. GSA190

    Safari 4.0 Beta

    New Safari Beta Terrible I thought the new safari beta was going to be very good. I was dead wrong. Every-time I use the web browser it crashes. A message pops up saying their was an error and a button to send error report. I'm so sick of this already and ive had it for a good 1 hour.
  16. GSA190

    Voicemail Issues

    A few of my friends have told me that my voicemail has not been set up yet and they can't leave me any messages. I looked at my phone and my voicemail area of my Phone app is presented as if the voicemail has been set up yet. I tried changing the greeting and setting it to manual but it hasn't...
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    Afew photos

    Just thought I'd post up a few photos i've taken
  18. GSA190

    Google Calendar Problems

    I just tried out that new Google Sync betta on my iPhone. All of my google contacts synced to my phone except for my calander events. Did I miss a step. It said on iTunes that they sync over-the-air but they haven't showed up on my phone yet. Can someone help me out?
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    when I press the sleep wake button and press the home button to get to the slide to unlock screen nothing happens. I alwys have to do a hard restart. This happens about 7 times a day. What's the probelm. I hope a software update can fix it
  20. GSA190

    slow texting

    I assumed that the new update for iPhone 3G (2.1) would get rid Of the slow texting. It has done nothing to solve the problem. Anyone else still having this texting problem?