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  1. GSA190

    Siri's voice

    Apple added a few different langauge variations to Siri in the 5.1 update. You can change them by going to settings>General>Siri> Change langauge.
  2. GSA190

    Problem renting movies on Apple TV

    The problem fixed itself.
  3. GSA190

    Problem renting movies on Apple TV

    I tried that. The customer service rep said that he tried every possible way to fix it.
  4. GSA190

    Problem renting movies on Apple TV

    I received an Apple TV for Christmas. It's running on 4.4.4 software. When I rent a movie it prompts me to enter the security code on the back of my credit card. After entering the code, for a brief second, I see "Connecting to iTunes". It then sends me right back to the preview page for the...
  5. GSA190

    Is anyone else on back order for iPhone 4S

    I've been on back order for about a month. Luckily I ordered the phone because I completely shattered my screen a few days ago.
  6. GSA190

    Apple Confirms iOS 5 Battery Issues, Releases iOS 5.0.1 to Developers With Fix

    My battery has been horrible even before this whole iOS 5 battery problem situation. Glad they're fixing it, though!
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    Song of the Day

    K Flay - Waiting
  8. GSA190

    Banned from a shop!

    Security overkill for sure.
  9. GSA190

    When is the iPad 3 coming out? iPad 3 release date.

    I was wondering the same thing. I was thinking about buy an iPad2, but I won't if iPad3 will be released early next year.
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    Song of the Day

    Drake (feat. Nicki Minaj) - Make Me Proud
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    Rootcases for iPhone 4/4S

    Just bought a case from The case is handcrafted from bamboo. It was too good to resist.
  12. GSA190

    Rootcases for iPhone 4/4S
  13. GSA190

    Rootcases for iPhone 4/4S

    I just came across Rootcases for the iPhone. They look pretty cool, but I'd like to hear what you guys think of them.
  14. GSA190

    White or Black

    I'm having the same little debate with myself. I was thinking of going with the black, but the white would look nice, too. Decisions decisions...
  15. GSA190

    iPhone 4 back glass, gorilla or not?

    No way. I accidentally dropped my phone from about 3 ft and the glass shattered.
  16. GSA190

    Strange iTunes Problem

    Nope. It happens when the box is open and I haven't edited anything yet.
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    Song of the Day

    Kings of Leon - Back Down South
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    Song of the Day

    They have a few more videos. They're hilarious.
  19. GSA190

    Song of the Day

    He kills that verse. Slaughterhouse - Sound Off
  20. GSA190

    Mortal Kombat: Legacy

    I'm all caught up. This series is seriously awesome!