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  1. 420greg

    Tethering Speed Test: 3G vs AT&T Extreme DSL

    I have been pretty impressed the 3G speeds. It is right up there with my EXTREME DSL connection, I pay 34.95 a month for.
  2. 420greg

    SiriusXM for Your iPhone is Here!

    I was fortunate enough to be selected as a beta tester for Starplayr for the iPhone. I thought I would let you guys get a sneak peek. Three different companies combined there efforts to develop this product. NiceMac LLC - Makers of StarPlayr Millard Software...
  3. 420greg

    An easy way to save battery power

    I am not sure if this is common knowledge but... When you are done with an app and you click the home button real fast, it only minimizes the app. It is still running in the background and if you have been testing a lot of apps, more than likely you have a lot of apps running and this is...
  4. 420greg

    Finally a solution for recovering music/video from iPhone

    Just got this a few minutes ago from my version tracker weekly email. iPod Access 4.2.1 This surprised me as it is usually the guys at little app factory that are first to get this working on all the latest ipod devices.
  5. 420greg for the iPhone is here has released a mobile scrobber for the iPhone. It is available in the installer under recent. You will need to visit and set up an account if you don't already have one. The mobile scrobber streams what ever you want to hear to your iPhone. Just enter the name of band you...
  6. 420greg

    Tired of screen smudges? Phone Fingers are for you.... I thought this was a joke like the zune ipod holder, but I clicked on the add to cart and it looks legit.
  7. 420greg

    Customize Update

    I just took the customize update via installer to see if my set of NFL carrier images had been added. I got an email from them last night saying they would be. The problem is I can not test this on my iPhone cause I already have them on my iPhone via ssh. Can someone who has updated there...
  8. 420greg

    NFL Carrier Logos

    ****UPDATE***** This set is now available via the installer app. There are in the main installer menu under images. They are part of the customize designer image set released on 9/28/2007. ******* The linked zip files contains NFL carrier logos (Default and FSO) for all 32 teams. If you...
  9. 420greg

    Give Yahoo!Mail a Second Chance?

    Being an X-Blackberry user the whole thing with the Yahoo 'push' email has been pissing me off. You others that have tried Yahoo as an alternative to the BB know what I am talking about. As of Monday my iPhone Yahoo mail screen had been saying 'checking email' for 4 to 5 days. I had finally had...
  10. 420greg

    iPhone formatted weather site

    I was just checking the weather on my mac and I noticed they had a link for weather on the iPhone. I loaded it up in the iPhone browser and it looks pretty good. You can tap the small i in the lower right corner and set it up for your zip code. The radar is a...
  11. 420greg

    Google Video Works on Your iPhone

    This has been posted about before, but it is pretty buried. So I thought I would repost since the price reduction and the UK release have added a lot of new people to the iPhone community. Go to on your iPhone. Do a search for a video you want to see. Here is the tricky part...
  12. 420greg

    Your $100 iPhone credit is ready.

    It is pretty self explanatory. Looks like it is good for the 4g's also. Enjoy! /I know there is another thread on this but I am reposting here in general so no one misses it :laugh2:
  13. 420greg

    Problem with iPhone screenshots

    I am suing the snapshot feature in Dock and I can here the shutter sound, but nothing shows up in my camera roll. Where else could they be going?
  14. 420greg

    XM and Sirius via Orb Update

    I went to orb tonight on my iPhone to listen to some XM and they have a brand new iPhone interface. It flows a lot a smoother and it is a lot easier to find you favorites. Check it out. Its very nice.
  15. 420greg

    XM on iPhone (I have this working)

    (this is covered in the 'Sirius on iPhone' thread but I thought I would repost it so xm subscribers would notice) Things you will need to get started. 1. An xm subscription 2. uXM from 3. Orb server from 4. An iPhone Download an install uXM. Click the...
  16. 420greg

    Possible Fix for Yahoo! sent mail problems.

    I have not been able to send email from my iPhone using my Yahoo! email account (except for the first few hours I had the phone). I can see by monitoring the forums there are a lot of people having this issue. I read this at howards forums and it worked for me a few others. This may only be a...
  17. 420greg

    iPhone Nano in 4th Quarter 2007;_ylt=AsIoAC_yINCUWE2KKMt_HOME1vAI
  18. 420greg

    Solution for Gmail sent mail showing up in your inbox.

    Log in to your gmail account. Click settings in the upper right corner Click Filters Click New Filter Type me in the From Field Click next step Check the first box 'Skip the Inbox (Archive it)' Check 'Also apply filter to XXXX Click Create FilterNow when the CC to the inbox is sent it will get...
  19. 420greg

    Deleting Email

    Anyone figured out how to delete email more than one at a time?
  20. 420greg

    Current AT&T users can help people swithing save some money

    AT&T has a referral program that earns both parties a $25 AT&T gift card. It is limited to 5 referrals a year so you can not get rich with it, and it would make no sense to spam it. I have 3 referrals left to use. So if you are switching...