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  1. thinkart

    i need a new rumor!

    im just antsy with anticipation for the 3g announcement. where are the inconspicuous photos of people using Apple branded phones that might be the new 3g? where are the people who say they work for Apple, telling us they know all the secrets?
  2. thinkart

    June 27th - iPhone 3G Release

    okay, it's been ages since i've been on this forum. the initial excitement over the 1st iPhone is what got me here...i came back to see if it's still here a yr later for the new iPhone. June 27th is my best guess on the release date. It's the last Friday in June and is within the time frame AT&T...
  3. thinkart

    Sept 5th event *Rumors*

    Just curious what you think of the following supposedly confirmed sept 5th topics: 1. iPhone nano 2. new ipod wifi touchscreen 3. new ipod nano (confirmed photos are out there) 4. iTunes vending machines 5. iPhone ringtones through iTunes (pretty much confirmed)
  4. thinkart

    How Long Did You Wait?

    I don't know if someone has already created a thread like this, but im curious...:laugh2: 1. How long did you wait in line for the iPhone? 2. What number were you? 3. Did you get an iPhone, and if so 4gb or 8gb?
  5. thinkart

    iPhone Software Updates & Fixes! **Great Article**
  6. thinkart

    What does "Use Recent Mode" Mean?

    in mail settings when you go to advanced...the last option is "Use Recent Mode" and toggles on/off Anyone know what this is for?
  7. thinkart

    Mail App problems

    -*-*-*- Mail App problems -*-*-*- BTW, i love the iPhone and almost everything about it. i am having a problem that is either me or software. anyone else set up the iPhone to receive their gmail email accts? i did and the lowest number of emails that it will receive is 25. i cleaned up my inbox...
  8. thinkart

    Greg Packer

    i read a hilarious article about greg packer. it seems as tho he is more interested in being 1st in line than ANYTHING. sorry if this has already been posted. i have short term memory problems :embarrassed:
  9. thinkart

    anyone in line & online?

    just curious. is anyone in line already AND online in EiP at the same time?
  10. thinkart

    Set-up iPhone on different computer than my own?

    everything i've read recently says you need to set it up on the computer that will be primary for music, movies, contacts, etc that totally makes sense...however my 'puter is in the shop under a warranty repair :'( and i am getting in line for an iPhone tomorrow. i keep calling and bugging the...
  11. thinkart

    any bad reviews are good for us

    just a thought i was having about some of thre bad comments made. some people on here are quick to put down people who speak ill of iPhone (im sensitive too):wink:. but the fact remains...if these people said everything is great and the iPhone isn't missing anything, then steve would not see it...
  12. thinkart

    chris what does "zealot" have to do with....

    hey just wondering...what does zea lot have to do with how many times you post? i understand the other titles...but this one is kinda random. p.s. and yes i do know what a zea lot is.
  13. thinkart

    Dual dock *may* come with Apple Bluetooth headset

    i just read an article (im not adding a link because i link too much :gasp:) saying that the bluetooth headset may come with the dual charging dock as part of the $129 deal. if not, they are crazy! that is too much for the darn thing anyway.
  14. thinkart

    Love the vague FAQ!

    find some meaning in these wonderful tidbits. i think you'll find hidden answers in Apples questions and answers.
  15. thinkart

    Anyone Have Updates on Campers/Line Waiters?

    if anyone is bored and lives in NY or Cali or other areas that iPhone lines are an issue...PLEASE update us with photos or written accounts of current lines. i am curious if anyone else is waiting (other than the 1st 2) already.
  16. thinkart

    Hilarious Chat w/ AT&T this morning

    Notice the EiP plug i threw in there... Patrick: Welcome to AT&T online Sales support. How may I assist you with placing your order today? thinkart: hi patrick thinkart: i noticed the iPhone plans (iplans) were announced today thinkart:$59, $79, $99 for individual accounts thinkart:what...
  17. thinkart

    Apple Bluetooth is $129

    sheesh! i was going to get one, but now i don't think so. i heard from one of those "field technician" stories that the headset was okay but not incredible. thats more than the fancy one announced last week.
  18. thinkart

    60+ iPhone add-ons [w/ links]

    i posted this in accessories, but i didn't want you guys who don't check that section to be neglected :)
  19. thinkart

    Web Design tips for iPhone

    I am a graphic designer/web designer so I found this article interesting.
  20. thinkart

    Question for any AT&T employees out there...

    Ok, this may be confusing/impossible to answer...but i wanted to put it out there. I use my cell as my home/charity org./businesss phone. i have been using the same number for all 3, but people get confused when they reach my voice mail. they don't know if they have called the right #. is there a...