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  1. mario8267

    Caller id Pics

    I used to be able to edit my pics from the address book app on my mac to create the thumbnail caller id pic as apposed to the full picture caller id pic. However, it isn't working for whatever reason. Did Apple take this option away or does anyone know how to do this? Thanks
  2. mario8267

    Jailbreak question?

    I have two iPhones, one is jailbroken and the other isn't. Am I able to jailbreak the other and use all my purchased Cydia apps on the other phone as well without having to purchase them again? Sent from my Verizon iPhne4 using iCafe app
  3. mario8267

    Custom SMS tones not working

    I searched high and low for this but didn't find a clear cut answer to fix this. I downloaded custom ringtones from Cydia "Mario sms tones". I installed it, and selected the ringtone in winterboard. Did a respring and then selected the "chime" to which assigned to under sounds. I could hear the...
  4. mario8267

    Who is going with/without a screen protector on their Verizon iPhone?

    I've had all previous iPhone's over the years and used them.... I heard this screen is different. What do you all think? Right now I have one of the cheapies that I bought at Verizon. Mario8267