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  1. 420greg

    Photo on incoming call

    Here is how this works. If you assigned the contact photo from you iPhone library or took the picture with your iPhone it will show full screen. The iPhone has a full screen photo to show. If the contact photo was assigned to the contact in address book, gmail contacts, yahoo contacts, aim...
  2. 420greg

    Jason Bateman wanted an iPhone so bad he risked bad publicity...

    Here is a celebrity thread from the early days of v1 release day.
  3. 420greg

    Faces on iPhone?

    Yes. Faces is an iPhoto feature that groups your pic by who is in them. You just identify someones face in 1 photo, and iPhoto finds the rest of the photos with the same person in them.
  4. 420greg

    Nice surprise about iPhone 4

    Just bought a 2nd one on ebay for work before the vendors figure it out and raise the price.
  5. 420greg

    Problem with Wi-Fi connection

    Yes. It was from a 3g back up. I had to re-enter all the passwords but I guess my router had the macs address of the 3g phone.
  6. 420greg

    4 fits into V1 dock...

    I just bought another one on ebay (original Apple OEM for $7). Once these guys sitting on tons of these figure it out they are going to raise the price for sure.
  7. 420greg

    4 fits into V1 dock...

    Thanks, mine fits almost perfect in my v1 doc.
  8. 420greg

    Problem with Wi-Fi connection

    I had to 'forget' all my wi-fi networks that came over from my 3g and re-add them.
  9. 420greg

    Multi-tasking limit

    I am only seeing 10 or so of my 80 plus apps in the multi-task bar. Where are the rest of them? I see no way on my phone to even choose 32 apps during multi-task.
  10. 420greg

    iOS4 Caller ID Picture Size?

    If you took the picture with your phone and added it to a contact it will be big full screen when they call. If the pic is coming from a sync contact, like address book on a mac, the pic will be small. It has done this since first gen.
  11. 420greg

    FaceTime missing?

    You both have to be on wi-fi also.
  12. 420greg

    FaceTime missing?

    Its in the phone menu. The one that ask speaker, key pad, etc. Call some one then look at your phone. You will see a grayed out facetime button unless the person you are calling is on a iPhone 4 also.
  13. 420greg

    who is going to call in sick or using leave to get their iPhones tomorrow?

    I took the day off. I am getting my reserved iPhone in the morning, and I need to take my generator to the shop so it is running for hurricane season.
  14. 420greg

    Is my iPhone going to be there?

    Apparently you do not rent a lot of cars. They will give you a guarantee reservation written on gold and will still not have a car for you. There is a Seinfeld about it.
  15. 420greg

    Apple Store Stock

    Like a Restaurant. Reservations seat first, then walk-ins.
  16. 420greg

    Job Resume.

    You have to be under 25 and have a minimum of 5 tattoo's and 7 piercings to work at my Apple store.
  17. 420greg

    Tethering Speed Test: 3G vs AT&T Extreme DSL

    AT&T said on their Face book that the $55 was just a rumor:
  18. 420greg

    Tethering Speed Test: 3G vs AT&T Extreme DSL

    I have been pretty impressed the 3G speeds. It is right up there with my EXTREME DSL connection, I pay 34.95 a month for.
  19. 420greg

    AT&T $4.99 monthly charge for "voice dial"

    I has this on my blackberry and it worked pretty good with a bluetooth earpiece. Tapping the main button on my earpiece dialed the last number called. And the last number was always #8. So I never had to reach for my phone. You set up the list at AT&T's website. Tap the earpiece, say the...
  20. 420greg

    Tethering...right now ;-)

    I rocked it all day at work today. So much for works $50k proxy/websense BS.