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  1. ChristinaArrech

    Looking for a case that...

    I use the Targus 360 rotating case. And it works great. Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
  2. ChristinaArrech

    What's your blues name?

    Sticky Eyes Jackson. Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
  3. ChristinaArrech

    Hurt myself good this time

    My mom always told me if I was going to hurt myself, I might as well go all out. Well this time I did. I have patellar condromalacia and the last bout of it has ended me up in this brace for a month. :/ Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
  4. ChristinaArrech

    Do you guys use a case?

    I have had an Otterbox Commuter on my iPhone since about a week after I bought it. Before that, I borrow a friend's Otterbox Defender. I dropped it the one time I didn't have a case and chipped the side. I am terrified to go naked. But for my iPad, I rarely use a case, only when I bring it to...
  5. ChristinaArrech

    Got an iPad 2. Need advice.

    Notability is a good app that I use for school. But Smule's magic piano is really addicting. Temple run, WDSU news, tap tap radiation. All really addicting. The twitter app is really polished on the iPad, I like the interface.
  6. ChristinaArrech

    BCS Championship

  7. ChristinaArrech

    What carrier do you have for your iPhone ? And which iPhone do you have ?

    iPhone 4 on Verizon. Great speeds. $30 unlimited plan (grandfathered)
  8. ChristinaArrech

    Newsstand Question

    I am trying to figure out how to unsubscribe from a magazine!
  9. ChristinaArrech

    New iPad 2

    So I finally saved up enough money go go buy myself a refurbished black iPad 2. Do Apples store have these in stock for people to pick up, or are they only available through the website? I was hoping to get it before this weekend because I have a band competition hours away and it would...
  10. ChristinaArrech

    iOS 5 Discussion Thread

    I went and put all my pictures into albums on my iPhone 4 and when I went to go delete them from my camera roll, they wanted to delete them from everywhere! Why do I new 1 picture in my camera roll, an album, Photo library, and in photo stream! There is no point in the albums except to take up...
  11. ChristinaArrech

    I need iTunes 10.4 so I can restore to 4.3.5

    Thanks for the update!
  12. ChristinaArrech

    I need iTunes 10.4 so I can restore to 4.3.5

    I read that there was no way to downgrade from iOS 5.
  13. ChristinaArrech

    I need iTunes 10.4 so I can restore to 4.3.5

    Even with 10.4, it won't downgrade.
  14. ChristinaArrech

    I need iTunes 10.4 so I can restore to 4.3.5

    You can downgrade from ios 5
  15. ChristinaArrech

    I wish....

    I wish band camp would start! :D
  16. ChristinaArrech

    anyone want an Avatar?

    I'll take one! Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
  17. ChristinaArrech

    MacBook Pro MPB stickers.

    Macslap. They make iPad and MacBook Pro decals. They even have a video to help you apply them.
  18. ChristinaArrech

    Dreams of the day?

    Haha, dreams written when half asleep, interesting. (:
  19. ChristinaArrech

    Dreams of the day?

  20. ChristinaArrech

    iPad and iPhone?

    I'll probably get wifi version, because I have 3G on my phone. I basically want the iPad for movies, some apps, and a couple of songs.