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    Share with us your 3GS activation story

    How did you activate your iPhone 3GS? In particular, if you have a family plan with multiple phones where you are using an older phone's eligibility to upgrade, but keeping your current number. If phone was delivered by mail, did you just activate at home via iTunes? Did you need to go...
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    Activation Instructions from AT&T

    I am using another phone's upgradability in my Family Plan to use on my number. Do you guys think I could just switch the sim cards and try to activate over iTunes or do you really think I need to do the below to activate? Im concerned because I do not want to activate an old phone that is not...
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    How about doing the family plan switcheroo to ge a 3GS?

    We have a family plan with 3 phones. My phone on the plan is the one not eligible for the 3GS subsidized plan upgrade. What if I upgraded one of the phones that is eligible (my mom's phone) to the 3GS and swap my sim card from my 3G into the 3GS? As long as all phones are active ATT would...
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    My iPhone is now a "hand-me-down" for my GF

    What do I need to do to transfer my info/number onto the iPhone 2.0 coming out this month? Is it as simple as just changing the sim card? Do I need to contact my service provider? :laugh2:
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    Can I return an unopened iPod even if it was engraved?

    Can I return? Apple site says I can't but mine is not even opened. It was a tradeshow giveaway. D-
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    My External Speakers are dead?

    I have no idea what happened. My external speaker are no longer working. I've even went through two software restores without further success. What should I do? I purchased my phone on iDay. Will I be without a phone while its being repaired? Am I just out of luck? any advice...
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    Will I be able to surf the net for FREE at Starbucks?

    I know we will soon get access to the iTunes music store on our iDevices but can I sit there and surf the net at Starbucks without any additional logging in?
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    iPod crashes when I surf the net!

    what can i do? I can't keep the music playing for more than a couple of minutes before the iPod just quits on me. I can duplicate the issue each time. Can i exchange my iPhone because of this? anyone have this issue?
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    How do you know if your battery sucks enough to warrant an exchange?

    How bad/weak should our batteries be before it warrants a trip to the Apple Store for exchange? I exchanged my first iPhone due to the fact that I could never get it charged pass the red 20% mark. Obviously I had a dud battery. What usage/standby numbers indicates a bad battery? Should I...
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    I'm an early adopter - Getting ready to updgrade to the 3G iPhone

    So I am preparing for the 3G iPhone which may come out within the next 6-12 months (or any other major hardware updated iPhone [GPS enabled etc...]). Assuming that you must buy an entirely new iPhone for this hardware update. What do you think this process will be like for current iPhone...
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    How to accurately measure your battery charge.

    - Charge your iPhone directly to a wall jack. - A full charge is when the lightning bolt icon changes to a plug - Use your iPhone untethered for as long as you can without plugging into a computer for any further syncing You can then monitor the figures you see under Settings/Usage Currently...