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    Did anyone use a SocBlue Apple Peel?

    I found a new stuff (new for me at least), called socblue Apple peel, said can make iPhone dual card standby, and ipad ipod bmake call or send message. Well, anyone have used this? How about? Things like this...
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    Does Anyone Get Good iPhone 5 Case?

    iPhone 5 is just released, but there are already some websites who have iPhone 5 case there, is that true? Seems like they know how would the iPhone 5 look like...Does anyone have gotten good iPhone 5 case? Where do you get it?
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    Need help for my HTC phone

    Ok, it got power off this morning, I charged it then, but two hours later, I can not open the phone, I tried many times, and I don't know why. Anyone has the same problem, please tell me, thanks very much. Well, it's suck...:mad:
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    Android Smart Phone Energy Saving Tips

    First, I hope this post will be helpful to you, and it's my own understanding or opinion, if you think something wrong, just discuss it here. System Optimization Settings Simply speaking, we need to reduce the background programs to reduce power consumption, these programs include GPS...
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    Is it worth to get a keyboard for iPad?

    I got a iPad 3 three weeks ago, I already bought case, stand for it, and I'm considering if it's worth to get a keyboard for my iPad 3. If it's worth, then which one is better, I need some recommendation.
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    Cool and Funny Photo Sharing

    So everybody, come here and show the coolest and funny photos you think here, let's have a look!
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    Is This Case Ok for A College Student?

    I think it's cute, but my roomies said it's suitable for a little girl, not for a college student, I'm a junior, by the way. Really? Link