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    Help! Refurbished iPhone going bad

    My refurbished iPhone is taking a dump and I was curious what kind of warranty is on the refurbished phone? I have had this replacement for about 5 months and I started getting some error message about airplane mode. The phone shuts its self off and I have to keep turning it off and on. I sent...
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    3RD In Line In Columbus Ohio ( twist)

    I am #3 inline at the S hamilton rd store in Columbus Ohio. I got here at 6 and the weather looks pretty good. On a sidenote the other 2 guys sitting here were propostioned by a Ho for sho , she would perfom certain duties for a cigarette. THATS ALL FOR NOW.
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    Is anyone planning on camping out in Columbus? I kind of figured the ghetto stores would not have the lines the nicer neighborhoods would have . I went by the store by Eastland mall ,and they didn't think anyone would be camping out for the phone .