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    iPad dubbing movie

    I have an iPad mini that I just updated to 7.1.1. Someone gave me a digital copy of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. I can play it on my computer perfectly, but when I drop it onto my iPad through iTunes it adds a dub over the English. It speaks in English then 1 second later in another language (not...
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    Hide SMS messages?

    Ive looked but can't seem to find an answer to this... Is it currently possible to hide a contact in my SMS app? I don't want to hide the entire app just specific contacts as I have to leave my phone in my work truck often and I have nosey coworkers and a wife who texts often.
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    iPhone 4 jailbreak problems

    Ok, so i jailbrooke my iPhone 4 last night and got cydia installed!, but I constantly get an "error: cached failed" and pretty much any source I try to add wont add. It says there are errors and it couldn't be found. I've gotten a few things to download, but not what I REALLY want (mywi...
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    New orders?

    Ok, so I missed the preorder bc there were just way too many people so my order wouldn't go through. Today I missed the in store release bc I work and couldn't afford to take the day off. So does anyone one know when the next shipment AT&T will get in? They're being pretty tight lipped so I'm...
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    Extremely slow downloads

    Hi all, I've googled it, but I haven't found anyone with speeds this slow... My problem is when I'm downloading movies or tv shows (I have safari download plugin) I'm getting an average of 20kbps sometimes as low as 9kbps. If I'm lucky it'll go to 70kbps, but not very often. Is there...
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    NES games save?

    I've tried saving games ,but it never worked. I done a lot of researching, but everything says type a command in WinSCP. The problem is I don't have WinSCP. I just downloaded the games straight from Cydia. It's saves Genesis game fine, just not NES games. Anyone know how to fix it? (I...