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  1. Stevonw

    Having to sell my iPhone....Bye everyone =(

    Yeah, i thought i'd just make a quick topic to say goodbye to everyone. Thanks to you all your help with everything! I'm having to sell it because i need the cash Here's the link for Any UK guys interested and looking for a hassle free unlocked iPhone Anyway, thanks again....... Bye everyone...
  2. Stevonw

    Accidently upgraded to 1.1.2? - FIX INSIDE!

    ================================================== Lets be clear before you even read any further. This is ONLY for people who have accidentally upgraded to v1.1.2 from previous firmwares and are looking to SIM UNLOCK their iPhones again. THIS IS NOT FOR THOSE WITH iPhoneS WITH V1.1.2...
  3. Stevonw

    Change Dialing Format - How to (Firmware v1.1.1)

    The international menu is also available (this is the easiest way to achieve UK dialing on a v1.1.1 US iPhone) and also allows you access to the International Keyboards. Hopefully that provides a quick fix to all you v1.1.1 international users :D Hopefully this clears up some issues FOR...
  4. Stevonw

    iPhone Images Descriptions and Locations List!

    This list is originally from All credit goes to them for putting it together. Hopefully this will help some of you with skinning your iPhone :). Homescreen Calculator Icon /Applications/ Maps Icon /Applications/ Calendar Icon...
  5. Stevonw

    iSnake - Snake for the iPhone (Download Here)

    Cool game! :D It can be obtained by going to the authors blog HERE or by adding the installer source of "" I just installed it manually via SSH and love it :D
  6. Stevonw

    Phone now in total endless reboot - iTunes wont connect!

    Well i think my phone may be permanently bricked! :angry: iTunes crashed while trying to do a restore and my phone has now gone into an endless reboot and begins to start up then turns itself off and does it all over again. Anyone know if there is a way to fix this :foot: Any help is...
  7. Stevonw

    iPhone in constant boot - Will not restore!

    I wanted to do a clean restore of v1.1.1, so i virginized my baseband then put the phone into DFU mode. Every time i try to run iNdependence to take it out recovery mode the app crashes :confused: I've never had this problem before! Anyone know how to fix - Yes i'm running OS X :D I'm getting...
  8. Stevonw

    [Icons] CMT iPhone iCons

    All credits to Camtessa Design for these amazing icons. Click the pic to be taken to the download :laugh2:.
  9. Stevonw

    Where is UiPhoneFormats.plist located in v1.1.1?

    Anyone know where UiPhoneFormats.plist is located in the root in v1.1.1?
  10. Stevonw

    Make the iPod Stars Gold (or whatever u want!)

    Yet another cool mod from the guys over at This time, it's to change the rating stars on the iPod from the standard silver to gold! All you have to do is replace the following file /Applications/ It will look like this when you replace it...
  11. Stevonw

    Change the In Call Glow Colour!

    It seems they folks over at have done it again, this time deciding to change the in call glow to whatever colour you want! Please note i take no credit for these, i am only sharing this amazing find. It's a matter of replacing 2 files The files are located at...
  12. Stevonw

    [Icons] Louie Mantia's Replacement Set

    All credits to Louie Mantia for these amazing icons. Click the pic to download :laugh2:.
  13. Stevonw

    iTunes v7.5 Released - Ok to Downgrade/Mod

    Hi everyone, it appears that iTunes v7.5 has hit today ahead of the European launch later this week :laugh2: have confirmed that it doesn't affect downgrading etc in anyway! :2cool:
  14. Stevonw

    Firmware V1.1.2 Coming Friday - AVOID!

    Link to Story
  15. Stevonw

    My mate has bricked his iPhone, please advise.

    Hi everyone, this is one of the 8 iPhones that i had unlocked, but didn't upgrade. My mate decided to have a go himself as he thought it "looked easy". It seems that he has managed to get the phone in a mess and now even if i downgrade (having fully virginized) to v1.02 that the phone no longer...
  16. Stevonw

    New Source For Installer - Unlocking, Re-Locking & More!

    Hi everyone, not sure if many people know about this source It adds a new folder "Unlocking Tools" to your installer Sorry if everyone already knows this source, i have never seen it posted yet, so thought i would share.
  17. Stevonw

    International Menu on some phones, but not others?

    Hello everyone, today I'm going to be the n00b and ask if someone can help me out. I've unlocked like 5 or 6 iPhones and upgraded them to v1.1.1 . My iPhone has the international menu, but the one i just unlocked/upgraded does not. I cannot even remember or know how i got this menu to show up...
  18. Stevonw

    Where is Open SSH Located in the root?

    I upgraded to v1.1.1 and forgot to remove installer etc before upgrading and now cannot re-install Open SSH until i remove it manually. Anyone now where it is in the root?
  19. Stevonw

    Dialer Mod by Jonas

    Link to download (All credits to Jonas, I'm only sharing his amazing creations & mods here) ;)
  20. Stevonw

    Calculator Mod by Jonas

    Link to download (no longer available) All credits to Jonas, I'm only sharing his amazing mods :D