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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.1.3 Discussion

    Downloading now from iTunes My iTunes is downloading the update, 162.1MB, right now.
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    what's the faster way to?

    Book a last minute cross country flight on a full 737 or MD-80, put the phone in your pocket before you board, make sure you are in the middle seat between the two largest people on the plane and it should heat up pretty good with little to no effort. That usually works for me and it saves the...
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    iPod keeps playing!

    Mine did the same after updating. I held the home button down and pressed the on/off switch at the top for ten seconds to reset. I haven't had the problem since.
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    More 1.1.1 Good News !

    I was kidding as well :smile: I do wish I had a system in my car that could control my phone though. The electronics in my car are basically two knobs and a few preset buttons.
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    More 1.1.1 Good News !

    Well, we can't all drive Miata's.
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    Late October Releases from Apple

    By then, it will have only been one month since 1.1.1 was released, so I expect nothing will be made available for the iPhone for at least two months after any announcement at the end of October. I do expect three more iTunes updates right before the announcement which may ot may not be...
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    Bulk Seperation

    I haven't tried to get the folder on the phone since it is all spam. If I suspect that something is there that I need I go to and check mail and spam from there. It's sloppy but it beats having to delete spam messages one at a time on the phone.
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    Question for those who have stock iPhones

    The date has not been announced.
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    Question for those who have stock iPhones

    I haven't found one feature that I am using from the update and was a waste of time. The WiFi store is useless to me and the other features/enhancements have not netted any benefit to me. As for the third party apps, it's too bad that they are not being supported. I can't recall a single...
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    AT&T signal strength after 1.1.1?

    I am suggesting the update did effect the reception, as it seems it is the most likely cause of the fluctuations I am experiencing now. Covering the antenna prior to the update did not create the low signal reception and the fluctuations I am receiving now. I did test covered v. covered prior...
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    AT&T signal strength after 1.1.1?

    I'm having the same issue with large fluctuations with both the AT&T signal and WiFi signal, where I didn't have any fluctuations before. Environmentally nothing has changed where I normally use the phone and I am using the it exactly how I was prior to the update.
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    Anyone besides me possibly giving up iPhone?

    I saw this on Engadget the other day: If it is true I will not purchase one, and if it is true, I wonder if they plan to drop the price within two months after release, plan not to update it for three...
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    My conversation with an Apple employee

    I couldn't agree with you more on all of your points and I too was ready to buy another Mac, having not owned one in 15 years, but the experience with the iPhone has made me think twice.
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    Doubting today

    I agree with you, the complaining would take place either way, although I'm not sure keeping people talking is the goal. It appears more like Apple is unwilling to communicate to its users with any facts.
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    Doubting today

    Communicating an ETA and missing it wouldn't be a first for them and I don't believe it would hurt them as long as the delays were also communicated, like they did with Leopard. I always give realistic completion dates and if I can't make the date I communicate the delay and new ETA along with...
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    Doubting today

    I don't mean to sound ignorant, but why is it Apple can't just announce when the iPhone update is going to be released and the features that willl be included in the update? What are they afraid of? Rather than make their users guess on dates and speculate on feature rumors, why don't they...
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    windows xp 64 bit and iPhone?

    Could you do it with a virtual machine?
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    iPhone detects WiFi network, but doesn't connect online with it

    I started having similar trouble this morning after not being able to connect at all very early in the morning. I had an Office service pack pending install which was the only thing that was different on my system, although I don't know if that was related. Once I installed the service pack, I...
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    iPhone Firmware 1.1.1 Features Revealed?

    I'm sure Apple is working on it, but most likely haven't quite figured out how to charge you each time you copy and then paste.
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    Major Update coming at Media Event Tuesday?

    It appears they won't add "common" or major features unless there is a revenue stream back to Apple. I'm hoping I'm wrong, but I'm prepared for more disappointment when the update is actually let loose.