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    To engrave or not to engrave?

    The engraving is actually very nice. Never thought of it seriously. A member had a good idea of putting a serial number for loss I'd purposes. I don't see resale being affected to such a point. Maybe next time I will put something witty.
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    How's everyone enjoying there new iPad ? :)

    The display is like 50% better. The size difference is so rewarding though. It's good to have the room+. I'm ok with 32 gigs on new iPad due to my ipad2 having more than half it's gigs still available for my clutter. Ipad3will stay light for a while. At least until I fill the great ipad2...
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    To engrave or not to engrave?

    Not to engrave
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    I have a very high spam count

    I forgot to check my gmail spam list for about 3weeks. Now I find 1288 spams to be erased. Please someone tell me there is a way to do it all at one time on ipad2. I'm afraid I ave to click 8 at a time to delete.
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    I cancelled my preorder... Wish me luck!

    Truth is , as one of the reasonable posters above said, you'll get your iPad. It's not a world changing event. I realize people like to get involved as soon as possible. I took a shot and picked up the phone to order after dinner on the 7th. Got lucky I guess. I never do this type of buying...
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    Are you willing to pay more for retina display iPad apps

    I paid Apple the same price for the heavily featured new iPad. That should set the tone for now at least. Apps should stay the same but give us more. They ( developers ) are very important but it's not time to raise prices yet. Maybe a slight raise for exceptional apps when the 5th gen...
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    Otterbox case for the new iPad

    You should give the otterbox a comparison with gumdrop - drop series / military version first. Dust filters all around and a inner and outer shell with screen protection. Best $69 I ever spent. March 28 they sell ipad3 versions. Also Griffin survivor case is right up there with gumdrop...
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    Which new iPad are you buying or not buying?

    Got a 32 gig ,black ,wifi ipad2 6months ago. Getting the 64 gig , black ,wifi ipad3rd gen
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    Please no iPad 4 predictions yet

    I heard the iPad quatro is going to have slide out keyboard and on screen key board. A quad core chip to go with quad core graphics. Curved glass,an infra red night vision camera and it going to be shaped oval. Possibly a phone in it to.
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    I cancelled my preorder... Wish me luck!

    Should have kept the order. You coulda camped out at the store ,made sure you get there early enough with whatever you need to be semi comfortable, see how that goes then you cud have cancelled the order or kept it. Whichever. Keeping options open until you don't need them. Post results please