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    Which is the best Mac "netbook" to make companion to the iPad?

    I am looking for a little advice on what Apple 'netbook' would pair well with an iPad that I currently own.
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    Is tethering from a laptop to an iPad possible?

    Just curious.....I have a 3G data card on my netbook and I was wondering if it can share the signal with the Ipad as I do with using my iPhone....Thanks!
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    It's been a month....How would you rate the iPad?

    For me it's been a nice trip....I'll give it a 9 from 10, all I need is a simplier way to transfer files and I'm done. Best gadget I have bought in a while.
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    New to iPad, some impressions and I need some advice please....

    Hi all....a few months ago when the Ipad was announced I have to admit I thought...."'s just a giant Ipod way I´m gonna paid for that, my iPhone is enough"...needless to say it was just a matter of having one in my hands and..well, you know the rest...I'm a very happy owner...
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    I need to bring back my old contacts...How?

    I made a restore as a new phone but I need the old contacts.....there are two iPhones backed in the CP, the new and the old how to proceed...? Thanks.
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    How do I install the modded customize?

    Where´s the source? Do I need to do something first? I´ve checked other threads but nothing so far...Thank you! :laugh2:
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    Can I use ZiPhone in an unsupported country?

    My iPhone became problematic after uninstall the interface has the 1.1.4 fw but some of the apps don't open so here is what I'm gonna do: 1. Restore 1.1.4 with iTunes. 2. Use ZiPhone to unlock it and jailbreak. Is there any problem if I'm in an unsupported country? Thanks in advance.
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    Please recommend software to unlock the iPhone

    From time to time some third partie app bricks my iPhone and I take it to a guy who restore it, unlock it takes time and money so I'm thinking about some of the software available on the web to do this, some of that software claim that it can unlock the iPhone in one minute.... Any...
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    Do the iPod headphones work with the iPhone?

    I have an old pair of iPod headphones. Now that I've moved to the iPhone, can I use my old iPod headphones with the iPhone? Are there any compatibility issues?
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    Why "unlocking" is a disaster waiting to happen?

    According to some people...that makes me nervous....:foot:
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    Another WiFi bites the dust !

    It's impressive, there are a lot of people with this problem and so far nothing seem to fix the situation for good in many cases. My wifi stoped working to days ago, nada, it can´t find any access point anywhere. I have rebooted the phone, network and even restored the iPhone, this must be...
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    "No account information found?"

    Hi guys....When I try to buy something from Itune trough the iPhone I receive this message......What should I do? I have an Apple ID but I don't see any option to loggin on the iPhone....Thanks.:smile:
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    Any chance to "see" a webcam trough the iPhone?

    Does anyone think we'll see video chat capabilities on the iPhone in the future?
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    Weather app not updating ?

    Any idea about th what could be the reason? Some cities work and others don't....Thanks.