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    iPad Box Comparison?

    Does anyone know where I can find the dimensions of the iPad 1 & 2 boxes? Are there any pictures comparing the two side by side? I'd like to know if the boxes are the same size and I can't find dimensions or side-by-side pictures anywhere. Thanks!
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    Gmail vs. MobileMe

    You could do the 60 day trial for MobileMe. I just signed up for it today, and my gmail retrieves my school email (microsoft outlook) and forwards it to my mobile me account. The calendar syncing is really nice, and for some reason i've always hated gcal. I just ordered my iMac on...
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    Mockups of 3G iPhone

    thats the iPhone in like 20 years...
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    Help! iPhone won't Charge.

    I tried opening iTunes and its not even in the list on the left hand side. I haven't installed / uninstalled / changed anything on my computer recently. I've tried resetting multiple times. I'm gonna try updating my iTunes (though it shouldn't matter.)
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    Help! iPhone won't Charge.

    Correct. The problem only began a couple days ago which is where the confusion sets in. Ive tested all of my USB ports, and everything else that is plugged into them works fine. Im running 1.1.4 firmware. I should have no problem with drivers because this has not been a problem until a...
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    Help! iPhone won't Charge.

    If I remove the dock portion and plug it directly into the phone, it does the same thing. Even with the same cord that it works with the AC adapter.
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    Help! iPhone won't Charge.

    When I dock my iPhone, it changes the screen to the Battery Icon and about 3 seconds later, goes to my original background wallpaper and there is no longer a charging icon in the upper right battery icon. I am able to charge it through the wall adapter but if I leave it on the dock all night...
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.1.3 Discussion

    Lyrics that you have posted in the 'Get Info' tab of a song are shown when you tap the album picture of the song the is currently playing. In other words, when you tap to make the bar appear that allows you to skip to a certain point in a song, the lyrics appear under front of the faded...
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.1.3 Discussion

    Updated to 1.1.3 and my custom ringtone that was added in the 1.1.2 exploit remains.
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.1.3 Discussion

    steve would have shown us how to copy and paste or it would be on the video on methinks this guy who posted we have flash and copy and paste is high/drunk/stupid. Indeed it's the last one. Updated and theres no copy/paste.
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    Good News: Downgrade to 1.0.2

    when downgrading and restoring to 1.0.2, do you lose all your data on the phone and restore it to "out of the box" state? (i.e. will i lose my phone numbers, music, photos, etc?) main reason i want to do this is to get back custom ringtones i had with 1.0.2. This still works right?
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    Stealth updates question

    As far as i know, that was not a released update via edge/ fact i would strongly disagree to this theory. It was timed to activate and thus was added in an earlier firmware update. Someone correct me if I'm wrong please
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    Copy/Paste for the love of....

    interesting obviously not Apple made but i'd say it would work
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    Conference Calling

    "you can merge upto five calls for a phone conference"--quoted from Apple's conference calling site info. I'm just curious what the deal is with my situation and why it didn't work. I just tried testing this with my mom's cell, dad's cell, and home phone. I get the exact same results as...
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    Conference Calling

    A few days ago some friends were all calling around to make plans for the i came up with the idea to use the iPhone's conference calling. I managed to get 2 people into a conference (so all together it was 3 including me) and when i tried to add another person, it wouldn't add that...
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    I'm Confused...(syncing w/ Music)

    So i have a music library of nearly 7 gigs but I'd really like to select which music I put on my phone. Is there an easier way to choose which music I'd like to add to my phone other than unchecking every single song i don't want added? ( it's a very slow process ) I sure hope there's a faster...