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    Apps don't work on jailbroken iPhone...

    Did you install BSD? Not sure what it is but a lot of the apps didn't work on my phone until I installed it. Now they all work. I think it was under the "system" tab, but not sure since after you install it it no longer shows on your installable apps.
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    Best of AppTapp?

    Is there a way to see what's new in AppTap or do you have to scroll through all the apps every time?
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    Crystal Film Set

    I just got the Crystal Film set from the Apple Store last night. It rocks! You can't even see it at all. The Apple employee told me I don't really need them because the glass doesn't scratch but I just feel better knowing there's some protection on the screen. On another note, how cool is it...
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    Solution for Gmail sent mail showing up in your inbox.

    Joey, you can add (or whatever your email address is) in the to field of your filter, so anything sent by you AND to you will not get filtered out. So you can still email yourself stuff.
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    Does anyone actually use their "Favorites" contacts?

    You have to hit "Edit" first while viewing your Favorites. Then you can drag them where you want them by the 3 bars on the right side of the contact's name. And yes, I use my Favorites more than my full contact list. Especially when I'm driving. (Using a bluetooth speakerphone of course)
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    Griffin Elan Snap-In Case

    You could buy another one and return or exchange the broken one a couple of days later with the replacements box and bill. It's kind of shady but a $30. case should last more than 2-3 weeks.
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    Griffin Elan Snap-In Case

    I picked up that case when I bought my phone. I Like it a lot. It comes with a screen protector which works well. I keek my phone in my front pocket but I don't like it floating around in there. The clip keeps it in one place. Also, I like the fact that I keep the screen facing my body so...
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    Belkin Headphone adapter

    Cool, Thanks. I'm gonna order up a couple of them.
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    traffic with maps

    Don't put your faith in the traffic feature. I live in NY and drive to NYC 4 times a week. Everytime I get stuck in a traffic jam on the highway I check my phone to see if the traffic is on Google Maps and I have yet to see it show up in red or yellow. I don't know how often the traffic info...
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    dumb question...sorry

    I have one and it works kind of. First, everytime you dock your iPhone a message will pop up on your screen telling you that this accessory was not designed for the iPhone do you want to put your phone in "airplane mode". Of course, if you do that you will not be able to receive any calls...
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    Belkin Headphone adapter

    Brinox, did you receive the adapter yet? I was thinking about ordering one but I wanted to get your feedback first.
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    Has anyone else tried this in Gmail

    I tried what you suggested but I still get a copy of any email I send from my computer on my iPhone. :frown: Did I miss something? I even have a filter in Gmail to "skip the inbox" for anything from my email address.