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    How to disable the Auto-Complete feature for text messages?

    Not sure what the feature is called but, all I know it's annoying! When I'm writing a text, the iPhone will predict what word I'm trying to write. How do I disable that ? I have to hit the X button to delete it. Thanks
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    Apple Store never emailed me a receipt

    I bought an accessory for my iPhone today @ the Apple Store, and the lady said she will just email me the receipt...I went to check my mail and never received it I opened my item, and now I want to return it! Will they give me a refund?
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    It's past 14 days, can I still return my iPhone?

    I know there's a 10% Restocking Fee if it's opened within the 14 days. But what about when it is past the 14 days? Is it still returnable? Edit: Went to Apple Store, asked for refund..explained to the nice manager all my complaints about this peese of crap iPhone..He allowed the 100% refund...
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    I took my iPhone SIM card out and put it in a BlackJack

    Will I get billed If I use the internet on my Samsung Blackjack since I am using the iPhone plan? I was surprised my Blackjack works with the iPhone Sim. I'm just worried I will get billed If I use the internet. Can anyone Confirm this?
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    Do I have to put a 1 in front of a number?

    I know with my old phone, sometimes when people call my phone, a 1 and the number If I put someones number without the beginning 1, will iPhone recognize it in my contacts? Or will the addition of a 1 give it a new contact?
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    Resolution for iPhone wallpapers?

    What resolution does the iPhone use for Wallpapers? I want to convert my Computer wallpapers to the iPhone resolution. Thanks
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    iPhone stylus?

    Ya think Apple will ever come out with a Stylus for the iPhone? A stylus really would be a sweet addition! Would be so much easier to type!
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    The Sound Quality is horrible!

    I can barely hear with the volume cranked up..Speakerphone is so weak! How can Apple make a device with such crappy sound quality? Man, I'm pissed.. I can barely hear people when I'm driving.
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    Will I get billed twice if I put my old SIM card in my iPhone?

    Bought an iPhone yesterday, and i'm STILL waiting for it to be activated. This is pissing me off. I already was an AT&T Customer, so I don't know what the problem is. Now, I hear people saying if I replace the sim card on the iPhone, it should activate quicker. Can I place my Samsung Blackjack...
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    Slingbox and iPhone?

    Does the Slingbox work with the iPhone? Would be awesome if I can watch tv with this beautiful screen.