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    looking for a good recommendation on 'gym/workout' headphones for my iPhone 3G

    a couple of things im looking for are: 1) over the ear rather than in the ear because i wear hearing aids (although i can take them out if there is no better option so this isn't a must just very stronlgy preferred) 2) wireless would be fantastic although again, not a must. im also looking...
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    HELP: Google calendar to mobileME?

    Ok, so i have an iPhone and until now I have been syncing my google calendar with my iPhone. I signed up for the free mobileME trial today and I am trying to figure out how to sync all my stuff from my iPhone/ical/google calendar to mobileME. Im afraid that im going to lose all my stuff in...
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    mobile me won't sync?

    i just signed up for mobile me andim trying to get it to sync with my macbook before i risk losing everything on my iPhone but it refuses to sync ical and address book.. everytime i do it in my settings menu on the macbook and then go check on me, me is empty. anyone know if this is a universal...
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    How many of you have tried to write your own app?

    Im downloading the SDK tonite and I will begin trying to write an app for a brilliant idea i had. It shouldnt be too hard relative to a game or finance program and I hope that my limited programing experience will be enough.. Im excited though, If i can achieve my vision, i definitely see...
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    Battery life decrease when hard resetting?

    Does anyone else notice that their battery drops pretty heavily if they hard reset once or twice while trouble shooting? And i don't mean to suggest that its just the battery resetting its indicator to a more accurate level. for example, i was at about 50% batter with 2hrs and 30 min usage...
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    ANyone else not getting bank of america to work

    I cant get the mobile banking app to work at all even though it works fine on my computer. It keeps saying mobile banking unavailable.
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    old 90s games u wish they remade for iPhone

    for me, if they remade the game 'tyrian' for the iPhone it would be one of the most amazing days of my life:
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    What programs can iPhone 3G obtain via jailbreaking that they cant in the App Store

    I haven't jail broken since january so i don't really know whats changed and im sure a lot of others here have never jailbroken at all.. what is still out there that makes jailbreaking really worth getting?
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    best golf app?

    there are so many golf apps out there i don't know which one to chose. I just want a nice golf app to keep track of scores and maybe one that saves your histoyr as well so you can track improvements at each course.
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    3G data speeds suck?

    i just tried out 3g and edge from and got pretty much the same speed on both networks. pretty annoying
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    how important is it to let the battery run all the way down before charging?

    I basically use between 60-80% of the battery per day.. i never run out. but it doesn't really make sense for me not to charge it every night anyway because I would certainly run out of battery mid day the next day and start a pattern of irregular charge times. Does it really matter what % of...
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    voicemail not working?

    Whenever i click the icon for the voicemail, it highlights, but the screen doesn't switch over. It remains wherever it was before and that screen even still works.. but it seemingly refuses to switch over to the voicemail screen. anyone else having this problem or know how to fix it? edit: i...
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    Any way to create groups in contacts?

    I would like to create groups for my iPhone contacts. Is there a third party app available yet or will it be available in a future version of iOS?
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    problem with locating features.. please help!

    I just got my 3g iPhone working. i cannot seem to get google maps.. loopt, or any other app that is location based to get my current location right. it always zooms in on a street that was my apartment that i moved out of 2 months ago. That street is also 2 states and a 7 hour drive away...
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    can splash id (when it comes out) protect your contact list?

    LIke if i had a phone number i didn't want anyone who played with my phone to see.
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    how much space is the average app going to take up

    I use about 5-6GBs for my music, i don't ned morethan that, but are the apps going to take up a ton of space that i should reconsider buying the 16gb 3g over the 8gb or will 2 gbs of space be enough for apps?
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    does anyone elses iPhone suck at letting you know when the battery is gonne die?

    So a typical day when my phone is low goes like this... talking on the phone, hang up and it displays the 20% battery remaining warning. Ok 2 min later i check my email and finish... 10% remaining. now the phone is off for like 20 min im not using it, then i click to turn it on again and now...
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    How do i downgrade from 1.1.3 to 1.1.1?

    i have an up to date, completely unmodified phone. i want to jailbreak into 1.1.3 but already have the firmware. thanks
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    best stepby step guide to get apps on my iPhone?

    what's the best guide so a complete idiot like me can he all the cool tuff out for the phone? I'm using version 1.1.2
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    New line of MBP?

    does anyone know when the new line of mac book pros will be coming out?