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    How can I get the data on my iPhone 3G to supersede the data on my Mac OS 10.5.8?

    It seems that when I sync my iPhone with my Mac, either I get duplicate data in my iPhone address app, or some of the data is corrupted, or the info on iCal and Address book on the Mac supersede the more up-to-date info on my iPhone. I mostly enter stuff on the iPhone, hoping to add it to the...
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    Calendar Program

    Is there a Calendar application for the iPhone, which remains compatible with iCal, but which is more sophisticated than the one that comes with the phone? One example is that iCal allows one to customize the frequency of repeated dates, but the calendar on the iPhone doesn't.
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    Keyboard for iPhone? Handwriting recognition?

    Back in the days when I had a Newton (I guess I'm showing my age again!), the handwriting recognition was superb. I was also able to attach an external keyboard. When those days were over, and I got a handspring (which was eaten by Palm) I was also able to attach a keyboard. It was bluetooth...