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  1. DonnieBoston

    iMac Yosemite upgrade

    I been a little patient in upgrading to Yosmite because I'm in fear something may go wrong with my iMac since it's a major upgrade. Can anyone shed some light on this before I begin the upgrade just to be safe? Is it worth the upgrade? Thanks.
  2. DonnieBoston

    iMac New printer needed to be compatible with iMac. Any in mind?

    My old canon ip600 isn't compatable with my iMac lap top it says the software is too old. Does anyone know of a new compatable printer in mind? Not too costly.... Thanks
  3. DonnieBoston

    iMac How do I burn photos onto a CD using iPhoto?

    It says to use the export file to do it, but can't find it in iPhoto? Can someone please help? Thanks.
  4. DonnieBoston

    Copy/pasting problem with iOS 8

    I notice on some websites you cannot copy and paste. This is now happening after iOS 8 installation. For example, on the Newsmax website using iPad 2 it does not allow me to copy and paste. Anyone? Thanks!
  5. DonnieBoston

    Creating new folders in iOS 8?

    How do I create new folders with iOS 8? Thanks!
  6. DonnieBoston

    Folders for icons on home page

    Does iPad allow you to create folders for icons on the desk top home page? If so, how do you create them? Thanks.
  7. DonnieBoston

    Adjusting length of lighting time, keyboard choice?

    I need to know how to adjust the length of how long the lighting stays on please? I cannot locate the setting. I have iPad 2. Also, I need to know which is best for a keyboard when using iPad 2... I already have a separate stand for the iPad. So I believe I would only need the single...