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    Some fixes in v1.01 that weren't listed

    Found most of these in the Apple forums, but some have been posted on iLounge and Macrumor forums as well as here. :wink: Compiled iPhone Updates - Stuff Apple Didn't tell you ----------------------------------------------------- 1. Many people are reporting that the Volume of the Speakerphone...
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    Carrier Logo Request Thread

    Could someone make the following into a carrier logo for me. Just the text part not the red bars on top. Also, if the name is too long, perhaps you could change it to HiVoltage instead (Letters in Blue except the Lightning Bolt/i make them Red). Thanks a bunch.
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    Need help making these 4 images into icons please.

    Thanks so much for the icons. :laugh2:
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    Need help making these 4 images into icons please.

    In my quest to have some unique icons, I unfortunately lack the skill necessary to make the following images into usefull icons.:embarrassed: Basically, I need the white borders made opaque (invisible). For the Clock looking image, just the round part, and for the icon in the zip file, just...
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    Drag and drop Program for Modding...

    Ok, this program makes it super easy to add and delete stuff from your iPhone. Basically you can just drag and drop onto this program and that's it. So for those that need help, here is some easy steps for ya.:wink: 1. This program only works in Windows (sorry Mac people). If you get an error...
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    Carrier Logo Request Thread

    How about this Radiation Symbol?
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    Compiled iPhone Cases and Links

    Compiled List, just to make it easier to go through...So without further ado... iPhone Cases -------------------- AB Sutton ( Belkin ( BoxWave...
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    Moda Vibe duo: is it me?

    If you read the V-Moda Review on iLounge, it basically says that the company constantly updates its products (which is why iLounge hasn't given them a grade yet on their Vibes review, they have received 3 different versions of the same product).)
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    iPhone anti-fingerprint solutions

    Not sure if anyone has posted something like this before, but I found this from 3M and thought people might like to know about it... 3M™ Novec™ Electronic Coating EGC-1702 provides a thin clear barrier on glass to resist fingerprint smudging and repel water and oil. When applied to clean...
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    In depth review of invisible shield on the iPhone

    Did the front piece protect the Silver trim? This question has been asked in many different threads, and nobody has answered that question yet.
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    What's so smart about the iPhone?

    Here are a few SMART things other phones don't do... 1. When you bring the phone up to your ear to answer a call, the screen shuts off (from the proximity sensor at the top of the phone). Course some people like the glow on their face at night from using other phones. 2. The keyboard...