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  1. faseone

    free up disk space for Cydia apps

    I tried searching, but is there an app to relocate stuff to free up space in 3.0 jailbreak?
  2. faseone

    Sharing apps?

    Ok so whats to stop us from sharing apps. I mean if i download a paid app i can find it in explorer... now could i copy it and put it on a different pc? seems feasible...
  3. faseone

    Hard Reset Problem 1.1.3?

    Does anyone else go into recovery mode when hard Resetting a JB 1.1.3... I used Dev Team JB throught Installer... This is what is causing m to revert back to 1.1.2.... any help would be appreciated
  4. faseone

    Where Is The Update File?

    I am going crazy.... I used the dev team jailbreak and then bosstool to free up space.... I have 88 free of 266 Where the hell is the file your supposed to delete.... Ive seen it asked EVERYWHERE with no real definitive answer..... Does anyone know where it is and will it free up the rest of...
  5. faseone

    Ringtone problem?

    OK haven't needed to ask for help in a while but my Ringtones have disappeared... The say they sync but don't show... I'm on 1.1.2 anyone else have the ringtones dissappear... I don't understand
  6. faseone

    1.1.2 Sucks! Back to 1.1.1

    Man 1.1.2 is so buggy.. kicking me out of apps and such.. even kicks me outta iPod... reboot after reboot... I got fed up with it.... never had a problem with 1.1.1 so I just finished downgrading... what a pain in the booty!
  7. faseone

    Disc space problems

    Is anyone else having disk space problems in 1.1.2... I have 4 apps and i have problems keep getting a warning, with 1.1.1 i had 1page of apps and never got a warning... I really don't wanna go through the trouble of moving apps... Is there anyway to see how much free space I have left?
  8. faseone

    Member Mugs! Post your pic!

    Hey I used to be part of a Nextel site actually still am but we had a fun section to post pics of yourself... figure I'll start it off... My Wife and I on our Wedding day
  9. faseone

    Running out of disk space?

    I keep getting a warning that I am running out of disk space. Please delete some photos or videos I have 231 songs no videos and 67 photos my capacity is 7.3GB Available 6.1GB wtf? this has been happening ever since i updated yesterday.. I even redid it today.. anyone else? EDIT:OK i...
  10. faseone

    Already at Jailbroken 1.1.2 but....

    I already Jailbroke my 1.1.2 but I deleted some things w/o backing them up... fieldtest and demo app... Can I just restore w/o wiping out the Oktoprep or try to re-update... or can I use those folders from someone else?
  11. faseone

    Customize 1.1.6

    out on installer... I've never used customize.. but i installed it and it put some demo apps... fieldtest.. and a contacts icon in my springboard... they don't uninstall using installer and i removed customize but they stay.. I was able to get rid of the fieldtest and demoapp through winscp but...
  12. faseone

    1.1.2 Already Jailbroken? WOW! and here No details yet released on the process... but WOW that was fast!
  13. faseone

    iPhone call volume

    Just got my iPhone 2 days ago and wondering is there a way to raise the volume in call? my volume is incredibly low i can barely here anyone... is this a problem i should be getting used to or could it mean my phone is defective... its really the only problem i have.
  14. faseone

    Getting iPhone today... advice

    So although my contract isn't up with Verizon I'm taking the plunge today. My question is which Jailbreak(PC) would you guys recommend? I don't mind the long Jailbreak as I am computer savvy and have been following Everything even though I don't have the phone yet... and the new jailbreak seems...