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    I Think My iPhone 1st Gen Doesn't Have DFU Mode.

    Okay I have tried so many time (100) to be exact in trying to put my iPhone in DFU mode but I always get the iTunes icon with the white cable, my process of DFu mode is holding the power & home button and waiting 10 seconds then relese the power button and keep holding the home is this right?
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    iPhone Firmware 1.2.0 unlocked

    Do anyone know when ZiPhone or Winpwn will release a program that will unlock and jailbreak the 1st Gen iPhone?
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    Downgrading From 2.0 to 1.1.4

    When I try to restore using "iPhone1,1_1.1.4_4A102_Restore" (By holding shift in iTunes and press restore) it always gives me and "error 20?" what is this?
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    Backing up contact (VISTA)

    Due to several problems that I have been having with my iPhone I am now going to reformat it and see what happens, before I do that do any of you know how I can back my contacts up in Windows Vista?
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    Switched from Mac to PC, iPhone disconnects?

    Okay originaly my Phone was formatted from a Mac laptop, now I got a new windows Vista computer and when I connect my iPhone to it it always disconnects after about 5mins? why is this happening is it because my phone is still in Mac format and windows doesn't him Mac?
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    Button On the top

    when ever I'm on a call and I press the button on the top why does it hang up on the person I am talking too? it never used to do that it would just go to stand by and let me talk to the person..
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    Extracting Photos

    Hay guys I was wondering if anyone knew how to extract the camera roll (the pictures that I have taken with the iPhone) to my Mac OS X?
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    TXT MSG + Time

    Why is my txt msg time all wrong? the txt msg I send is correct but the ones i receive are always wrong.
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    My Contact List

    I'm on a man os X right now I was wondering how I can back-up my contact list without iTunes i wanna restor my iPhone and ziPhone it I don't wanna reinstall the backup iTunes gives me.
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    Backing Up iPhone.

    okay I messed up my iPhone today by installing an app called Fix disk space, Fixes the "You are running out of disk space" message by moving the Applications directory. after it told me to reset my phone and so I did but then I notice that my installer app was gone! how do I get it back...
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    iPhone Blue Tooth?

    I was wondering of where I can order the iPhone blue tooth ear piece? a genuine site that wont just steal my money preferably.
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    iPhone volume booster?

    I run a jailbroken iPhone 1.1.3, I was wondering if there is an App that boosts the volume of the speaker, (That actually works). I've tried these one but no luck... Volume Fix 1.1.3 Volume Fix Volume Boost (1.1.3) Volume Boost iAmp AudioAmp
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    pwnwage tool

    what happened to it? i heard it got shutdown is it true?
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    iPhone Logo freezing

    my iPhone keeps freezing up in the logo what should I do?
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    iPhone 1.1.3 Installer

    when ever I try to install anything it gives my a pop-up msg saying "Main script execution failed" whats wrong with it>?.
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    iPhone > Settings > General > Reset.

    If I were to reset my iPhone "erase all content and settings", would it kill my contact list?.
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    In real trouble....

    Hey guys im in real trouble here I was installing a new theme for my iPhone it didn't look good with all the icons so I hid all of them using "customize" now I have a iPhone with now icons how can I get them back? thanks for your help.
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    Looking for MP3 volume booster

    Is there a software that I can use to boost the volume of a .mp3 format file?, for Mac OS X thanks.
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    iPhone IM Apps

    whats the best IM for iPhone to have? is Apollo any good?.
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    Source for finding more icons

    Is there a community Source that I could add so I could get more Icons for my phone?.