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    iPhone will cost more money for current customers in contract

    I don't know if this has already been posted but I have info form a very very great source the iPhone will cost $175 more then the retail price of $499 and $599 if you are a current Cingular AT&T customer that is not able to get a upgrade so that means it will be $674.99 for the 4 gig and...
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    buying at might get you custom engraving

    i think i will try to by it on first so i can get my name engraved on the back like they do the ipods. although they might not have this offer.
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    owning a Mac

    I own two Mac computers an imac and a macbook. They are without a doubt the best computers I have ever owned I'm glad I made the switch from pc. I as everyone else on this forum am totally stoked with the new iPhone coming out. It not only has some amazing features but the macs OS is awesome. So...