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    Verizon iPad with MiFi hotspot.

    I'm assuming that with Verizon shipping out the iPads with their MiFi hotspot. That you will be able to configure the MiFi unit using the iPad (security etc)? Kind of defeats the idea, if you need to connect the MiFi to a PC or Mac to set it up? Example: What if you're out and about and...
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    DLNA on the iPad

    Has anyone managed to get DLNA working on the iPad yet? I've been nosing around the net, and there doesn't seem to be much information out there about streaming media from your servers to the iPad?
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    Sold my 3G

    So I finally off loaded my 3G via Craigslist. Managed to get $200 for the device, so I cannot complain. I am finally Droid'd.... what an amazing device, knocks the iPhone out of the field. Droid.. the way of the future.
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    Managed to downgrade from 3.1 to 3.0.1

    Like a lot of people, I upgrade my phone to 3.1 only to find out there is no jailbreak as of now. After messing about, I finally managed to get my phone back down to 3.0.1 and re-jailbreak it. If anyone is interested, here are the steps (for Windoze users): 1: Via iTunes, shift & restore...
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    Apple Begging?

    Just read this. Should be interesting if it does happen (the stores next to the Apple ones).
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    Is the ride over?

    Apple better get the new iPhone out soon:
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    MacBook 4GB Apple RAM for $29.99. are selling Apple memory for $29.99 (after rebates etc). Not a bad deal I guess. Click here to go to Add to Shopping cart for $74.99 At Checkout Apply $5 off Promo code: EMCLNMN36 (Exp. 02/18/2009) [Note: You need to be NewEgg newsletter subscriber to use this promo...
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    Car Companies Wanting $34 Billion

    Watcha guys think about the car companies wanting this $34 billion loan? I personally believe that the companies should be declared bankrupt, their union agreements voided and then the $34 billion should be used to get the companies back up and running, WITHOUT any union interference. Just my...
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    This phone looks the shiz nitz: I wonder if it has copy/paste & MMS?
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    When will it end!

    Will there ever be an end to this: Just gets worse by the day :frown:
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    2.2 Seems To Be a Disaster

    Being a developer, I cannot get over at how bad an upgrade 2.2 is. To date I have found 3 bugs. Simple bugs that should not be there! Is Apple really that incompetent that their testers are useless? Bug 1: I have already reported in a previous post (the SIM LOCK issue). Bug 2: If you set...
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    I found a bug, i found a bug.

    I found a bug on 2.2 :wink: Ok, I'm sure you guys know the difference between a soft reboot and hard reboot on the phone right? And you know what the SIM PIN is. If you have your SIM PIN on and do a hard reboot, the phone will reboot and will not ask you for the SIM PIN number. The phone...
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    Replacement Battery for 3G

    Who has the guts to try replacing their battery with this.
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    Well a friend did it.

    A friend of mine purchased an iPhone as a second line. His first phone being the AT&T Tilt with the MediaNet Unlimited plan. He kept the iPhone for a couple of weeks then called AT&T and told them to cancel this line. They told him to return the iPhone and he said no, so they charged him with...
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    You Guys Read This?

    Well almost:
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    Apple Store POS Handhelds

    Have you guys seen those POS handhelds the staff use in the Apple stores? Of course you have. Guess what operating system they run on? The irony of it all!
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    2.1 Jailbreak Custom Restore File - For Windows People

    Can be found here. It will allow windows users to be able to upgrade to the 2.1 jailbroken firmware. For both V1 and V2 iPhones. I've yet to try the 3G file. Will have a go when I get home tonight.
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    Problems Using: Air Sharing or Files

    I recently installed both Air Sharing and Files last night, but I cannot connect to my iPhone. Can anyone help me out? I connected to my WiFi and was allocated an IP address of: I can ping this IP address and receive a response. When I try to access my iPhone (with either app...
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    Google Internet Browser

    Has anyone out there tried the new Google Chrome internet browser? It is fast! Kills Firefox in terms of speed and Firefox is much faster than IE. So based on my calculations, that makes Chrome faster than IE :wink:
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    Griffin Wave Case for iPhone 3G - CHEAP

    I just found this online and thought I would share it with everyone. are selling this case for $19.99 with free shipping. It sells for $34.95 in the Apple store. I'm not associated with in anyway, nor do I know much about this case. So please don't reply back having a dig...