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    iTunes update server crash?

    I go to install the latest version and my iPhone is displaying a restore message indicating it needs to connect to iTunes. When I click the restore button in iTunes I get the "iPhone software update server could not be contacted." I had someone else try it and they get the same message. My phone...
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    AT&T Customer Service

    Just wanted to say that in the last day I have gotten some really good customer service. I switched from pick your plan to reglar postpaid. Kept the current balance on my account and rolled it into my new postpaid. It shows up as a credit. Then today transfered an existing providers number to my...
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    roaming question

    I have a pay as you go iPhone and just traveled out of the state into iowa. i noticed i have 4 bars so I decided to make a call. i get an error message from some iowa mobile saying outbound calls not allowed. can i not roam on a pick your plan iPhone? i noticed no edge symbol. if i switched to a...
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    Pay as you go plans

    Anyone with pay a you go iPhone's? I'm curious as to the taxes that are included on the bill if it jacks it up by $20? If so I would just go postpaid but wanted to know if you sign up for the 49.99 whats the actual monthly bill you pay? thanks!
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    Get a Free phone then buy iPhone?

    Is this possible: Get a free phone or possibly a discounted treo refurb (when starting a new line of service) and then buy an iPhone since it can be added to an existing account. Then activate the iPhone and use the sim in the treo or free phone when ever I don't want to use the iPhone? Anyone...
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    Pay as You Go iPhone bills

    I was just curious those of you with the pay as you go plans what your actual monthly bills look like? The 59.99 regular plan turns out to be around 70.00 with taxes and fee's but what about the pay as you go?