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  1. Montalicious

    Upgrade my iPhones plan?

    Hey guys, just a quick question. I want to upgrade my iPhones plan to unlimited text messaging. Right now I have 1500 and I push the limit almost every month. Is there any way to do it without calling them. I hate having to give them my whole life over the phone before being able to talk to...
  2. Montalicious

    I think I made a huge mistake

    I decided to use my prepaid visa card that i had recently used most of and put it on my iTunes account. Well I fuigured since it had limited funds it would just stop me from buying music when it was empty but today I went and checked and noticed it had less than .99$ on it and I'm scaredthat I...
  3. Montalicious

    SMS out of order?

    Ugh, this is extremely annoying. but when I send a SMS message it is added in the right order but then when i receive one it is placed above my last sent message. SO annoying
  4. Montalicious

    How to add lyrics to songs?

    Anyone figure out how to get the lyrics to show up on top of the Album Artwork? I've been trying and can't find any setting to enable it. Yes, there are lyrics attached to the songs I am trying to get it to work for
  5. Montalicious

    I just restored

    I just restored my iPhone, because I am not going to risk there being an over the air software update while i'm not expecting it, thus leaving my phone a nice looking paperweight. Anyone else do this, or have reasons why i shouldn't have?
  6. Montalicious

    During Macworld '08...

    What will you guys be doing? Is anyone attending? Anyone have finals? As for me... I have just a normal sophmore day in high school that day. But at 12 I have a computers class so i konw what i'm going to be doing in there... sprinting across the school to get there, finding an already turned on...
  7. Montalicious

    ShowTime! Video Recording For REAL!

    go here! i've installed it, about to donate to get the whole program! Say thanks if you like it!
  8. Montalicious

    Does summerboard drain battery?

    I'm pretty sure summerboard is COMPLETELY owning my battery life... like, before i installed it.. i could use aim, ipod, camera, web,,, w/e and my battery lasted AGES. i charged it over night. listened to ipod, browsed the web, for the 30 minute bus ride, texted throughout the day at school...
  9. Montalicious

    can iPod chargers be used to charge iPhone

    hey guys I'm in the car right now on my way to vacation in Wisconsin but bad news... I forgot my charger! Even though the battery could defanately last the 3 days gonna be there I will probably be browsing and listening to music a lot so I might need to charge but heres the question .. Since my...
  10. Montalicious

    iPhone Battery Life! GODLY

    So i've been working all summer to get an iPhone.. and i just purchased one last.. thursday? well i was like hm.. i love this phone! and then i started noticing the battery life blowing mad pee pee. So I was flicking through the menus and i found everything to increase my battery life and i did...
  11. Montalicious

    quick help question

    I have a quick question.. At my house.. when i'm on my iPhone.. i have perfect 5 bar service... and the edge network is pretty fast BUT i would rather use wifi.. I connect fine and can enter my wep code.. and when i select the network in the wifi settings widget.. it connects beautifully...
  12. Montalicious

    Just got an iPhone, I have a question!

    Hey guys, I finally got my iPhone... I have a question though Is there a way i can clear all emails from my inbox? because it synced all my old emails too so i want to just clear it completely Also, some videos don't show in the YouTube widget, i already knew and was expecting that.. but when...
  13. Montalicious

    Apples intentions (My Opinion)

    OK first off let me say something, i DON'T own an iPhone, but i have played with one for a long time, my friend has one and he's one of my best friends so he lets me mess w/ it a lot. and i love it, ok i'm not here to rant on how it's good though.. but from what i'm reading, and what i'm...