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  1. azfalcon

    Looking for car mount that works with iPhone 6 Plus

    Anyone have or recommend a good car mount for the 6 plus? I'm tired of trying to get directions or change music while driving
  2. azfalcon

    time lapse video

    Just testing this out on my girl. Hope no one is grossed out. Couldn't kink direct so off to YouTube
  3. azfalcon

    Turns off while charging?

    So for the second straight day I plug my phone in (6+) and when I retrieve the screen won't turn on. When I unplug the charger I get the apple symbol and a few seconds later bad to the home screen. It's almost as if it's turning back on even though I didn't turn it off. Anyone else experience this?
  4. azfalcon

    Can I attach a photo after composing an email?

    Will there ever be a point where I can start an email and add a pic or file after the fact. One thing I liked about android. I hate having to go to the picture first then start an email.
  5. azfalcon

    Syncing Yahoo contacts to iPhone 6 Plus?

    Was able to cancel my 64 plus and grab a 128 gig in the same gray. Couple questions. On previous iPhones my yahoo contacts would sync immediately but now it's been almost an hour and nothing. Do I need wifi or computer hook up? How do I get rid of stocks from notifications bar...
  6. azfalcon

    Local availability of iPhone 6 Plus

    So here Phoenix there seem to be iPhone 6 is available everywhere. Of course, I ordered the iPhone 6 Plus. Well 2 Best Buys had them in the morning and sold out. The phone guy said they usually get shipments at least once a week maybe more. I have an order through Verizon and expected date of...
  7. azfalcon

    new "kill switch"?

    I keep reading about a new kill switch with ios8. What is it and how does it work and or how do I acitvate it
  8. azfalcon

    Verizon ship date

    This is the first year I'm not getting a phone on launch date and I'm ok with that. With you all that ordered in the past and backordered...we're the dates accurate or was apple able to push them up. I'm looking at a ship date of 10/28 for the iPhone 6 plus...feels like forever
  9. azfalcon

    Shazam integration

    I didn't see the keynote on the new phones or ios but I read about the integration of shazam and being able to recognize a song without opening any app? Is that true? If so how is this done..automatically in the notifications or?
  10. azfalcon

    credit card hold

    So verizon didn't charge the account..just a hold. Not sure the difference but will the hold stay on til the phone ships or will it fall off then they charge again? Thanks
  11. azfalcon

    Connecting to old computer

    Not sure if anyone will know this but my laptop died and right now I'm running an old XP with iTunes. Anyhow, it won't connect my galaxy S5...keeps saying install error. You think I'll have any issues running the iPhone 6 Plus when I get it?
  12. azfalcon

    Getting rid of apps

    Hey all so I want to get rid of all my apps and start from scratch. I have a lot of apps that I have no need or desire to have on the new iPhone. Is it possible to delete all from hard drive and other storage locations or do they follow you upon log in?
  13. azfalcon

    Opinions on Verizon Edge programs

    Anyone else here on these programs. I like to but the only negativity is I have to order and can't try to get one through Apple on launch day.