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    Please help me with syncing question

    I have created a playlist in iTunes called "Dance" and I initially populated it with songs from within iTunes, but now I have downloaded songs via my phone and added them to the playlist through the phone, but now how do I get the playlist in iTunes to sync with the changes I made. If I sync...
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    Looking for good iPhone 4 case

    I am wondering what users here like to use. I ordered a bumper to try that out but am also interested in something maybe a bit more robust yet still not add too much bulk. Also what is a good screen protector? Thanks, Chris
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    Calls from new iPhone are very quiet

    Got my iPhone 4 today and called my wife from it and she said it sounded like I was whispering, I replaced my 3GS and never had that issue. Anyone experiencing any similar issue with calls from the iPhone 4 being quiet or hard to hear?
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    This accessory was not made to work with iPhone (3GS)

    Today I started getting this message when I have the phone plugged into the charging/usb adapter that came with the phone. It has never done this before and I am not sure what to do? Anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Chris
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    Anyone sold their iPhone on eBay?

    I am going to sell an unlocked 2G and I am curious as to how you accepted payment and whether you sold to someone overseas etc? I am worried about being scammed somehow.
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    Sorry for noob question. Can someone help me guide me how to Unlock & Jalibreak a 2G

    Sorry for the dumb question but I have never attempted this before and I have a 2G phone with version 3.0 on it. My wife and I both upgraded to 3GS and would like to sell this one. I have heard that if it is Jalibroke and Unlocked it sells for more. Is there a difference between Jailbreaking...
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    Do I need a SIM card to unlock/JB my v1?

    I upgraded my v1 to a 3GS and the guy at the store swapped the SIM from my 3G I had into the 3GS, and when I got home I moved my v1 sim into the the 3G so my wife could have that phone. But the guy at the ATT store never put the 3GS SIM back in the box, I am short one SIM now. I wanted to sell...
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    Computer crashed and lost everything, how can I recreate playlists from phone?

    I fortunately made a backup of my wife's phone on my PC, but her computer that she used that had her music and playlists in her iTunes has completely failed and I have to reinstall the OS. Her Phone still has the music and playlists on it, is there away I can put those playlists back into her...
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    Sorry for dumb question, can I add music to iPhone without using Sync?

    I finally got all my old Applications and data from my 3G to my new 3GS, but getting music on the 3GS is killing me. I am under the Library Category and have selected Music. I want to drag and drop music from there to the phone but I can't. It will only let me drag it to iTunes DJ. How in the...
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    Backup from 3G to 3GS didn't work

    I was told form many people if I did a Backup in iTunes and then restored from iTunes to 3GS it would work, but it didn't. I didn't get any songs or any of my Apps I had on my 3G.
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    Backup didn't save my apps

    I did a backup yesterday, and when I got my new 3GS today I restored from my backup and none of my apps I have bought or downloaded were reloaded on the new 3GS:(
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    Sorry for newb question, is it possible to backup up 2 phones and swap data?

    Ok here is my situation. Currently my wife has a 1st gen iPhone and I bought a 3G last July. I am getting the new 3Gs, but in order to save money I had to upgrade her phone since it qualified for the $299 price. So we are then going to swap my number to the new phone and her number to my 3G and...
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    2.0.2 Update download continues to fail

    I am on my 12th time trying to download and it continues to say network connection issue could not download and I am online browsing and doing other things. The one time it downloaded it wouldn't install due the file being corrupted. This is my first time updating my 3G phone as I forgot to...
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    iPhone newb with questions (Music)

    My wife wants an iPhone for X-Mas and I had a few questions. First off, we are currently using Napster for our MP3 players and we have like a 1000 songs, I was wondering if there is anyway I can convert those songs to a format that can then be loaded in to iTunes so I can play them on the...