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    Anyone else that there news stories are getting more and more unreliable about things recently? Or a story/link from them will only work for a day or two then just dead end.... I just started noticing this a lot this week
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    Hey chris... is there a way to get the stickys/announcements to only show up on the first page rather than on every page as it seems to now. Its a little distracting to go through the forum with the first 10 threads on each page being the same (in the iPhone forum atleast)
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    Ear phones other than buds?

    Do you think they will offer iPhone headphones other than the earbuds? I know obviously regular headphones would work for music/movies, but what about as the microphone and what not. i understand the sleekness of the ear bud headphones, and the brand association with the white ear buds....but...