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    iPhone went for Spin Cycle

    One of our iPhones (Black 8GB) decided it wanted to be washed. It went through the complete wash cycle and then was dried (no need for rice, LOL). I took it apart and have cleaned it out pretty good. Talk about of a lot of corrision on the connectors. I'll put it back together in a couple of...
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    What version of iTunes did you use to update to 2.0.2?

    I am trying to compile some information on people that have crashing Apps and don't have crashing Apps. What version of iTunes did you use to update to 2.0.2, iTunes 7.7.0 or 7.7.1 and do you have have crashing Apps?
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    2.0.2 Apps Crashing

    So I was told to be more detailed on how I handle my Apps Crashing. All Apps crashing. For over 2 hours I have tried every way I can think of to keep my apps from crashing without a restore. Performed Hard Reset, still crashing. Performed Power Off and On, still crashing. Deleted ALL Apps...
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    How Lithium-ion batteries work

    To help educate people on Lithium-ion Batteries Some of the info... Lithium ion chemistry prefers partial discharge to deep discharge, so it's best to avoid taking the battery all the way down to zero. Since lithium-ion chemistry...
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    5 Foot Drop onto Tile

    This is out to all the people that THINK stress cracks are cause by dropping a phone. My first drop after my stress cracks formed and this is what a drop looks like from the top of the of my Entertainment Center. Sligtly deformed case on edge causing a small gap between plastic and the chrome...
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    California judge says Sprint must pay $73M in ETF case

    Maybe At&t and other wireless will follow Consumer advocates are calling this preliminary decision a victory and saying that early termination fees unfairly restrict consumers from switching service. Wireless operators, meanwhile, say that ETFs are necessary because they subsidize a portion of...
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    Apple - Hot News - iPhone

    Have any of you seen the reviews on the iPhone I was researching Apples website just to see if they would report any problems and this is all I can find. I wish Apple would post information on issues and not just Great Reviews. I would like to...
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    iPhone 2.1 Beta OS

    iPhone 2.1 software beta adds better navigation, copy and paste Let's hope this come out in September Also, would like to see 2.0.1 this Friday to fix bug issues
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    Apple Store Lines

    My store will be fully stocked on iPhones in the morning, but are people still forming lines? Hate to have to wait to get another phone.
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    Save Image and Open Link in Safari

    That's a good feature. Press and hold an image and you can save it or open link. At least that is on step closer to cut and paste.
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    Mac Emulator for PC

    Well, the get a better understanding of the iPhone and MAC file structures and functions (need to edit that damn plist file) I guess I'll try an emulator and install OS X on my PC. Has any done this and what Emulator do you prefer or use? I am looking at trying PeerPC.
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    iPhone v1.0 Bugs

    FYI ...and for the trouble free iPhone user; Please ignore this. Do not need your negative replies.
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    New Apple patent disables iPhone’s recharge function for unauthorized use

    This would be nice, but still won't get my iPhone back if lost.
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    Looking for a .plist converter.

    I'm looking for a plist converter to view and edit files under Windows Vista. My understanding is the new plist files are in binary format (to save space). Anyone know of a good one to convert them as least to xml? Thanks for any help.
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    The answer to the glowing battery Could this be the cause?
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    Can someone actually confirm no 3G.

    I spend a lot of time researching the iPhone 3G rumors. Alot of people are jumping to conclusion that the iPhone does not support 3G because it doesn't have the chip needed. What chip does it need or is missing? From what I found is that the iPhone has a PMB8876 chip. This chip can support...
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    What iPhone version do you have?

    With a lot people exchanging iPhones for new ones, I was wondering if Apple maybe trying updated version on newer phones prior to releasing an update. Settings....General.....About Version 1.0(1A543a) is what I have at this time. Anybody have a different version?
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    iPhone Frequently Asked Questions

    FYI iPhone Frequently Asked Questions Everything you wanted to know about iPhone service with AT&T General Activation Existing Customers Billing Return Policy Top Five Questions Where can I buy iPhone? How much does iPhone cost? How do I...
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    If you pay retail, you aren't under contract

    If your paying Retail (no discounts) your not entering a Contract. The reason for a Contract is that AT&T will make back there money that they discounted, so you would buy the Phone (2 years of service). You can buy any phone from AT&T online right now with no contract, but you pay an average...