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    Need iPhone owners to test our video streams

    Works good for me, and that Darth Vader video is funny!
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    What Kind Of Video Do You Have On Your iPhone?

    Battlestar Galactica - Exodus part 2. One of the best scifi's and one of the best episodes
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    Chicago iPhoners: how's the AT&T reception?

    About 35 miles SW of the city and great signal. I've had AT&T since they were AT&T the frist time before the Cingular merger and have never had a problem.
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    What's Your Favorite Ringer?

    Well before I was Old Phone, but now I have the Benny Hill song! :laugh2:
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    post on your iPhone the location you are at right now

    I'm sitting in front of the Oakbrook Apple Store, getting my parents Macbook fixed, they bricked it by doing an inproper firmware update! :tounge:
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    What was your last phone before the iPhone?

    Heh...I had an ancient one a Sony Ericson z500a
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    iPhone Software Update As Soon As July 5?

    all I really want is cut and paste, and for ipod and safari to not crash, at least for now!
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    iPhone wish list..

    Cut and paste for god sake!
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    How Long Did You Wait?

    Waited 5 hours in line at an AT&T store, was #12 to purchase. Here is a pic of the line. That was about 10 mins before they opened, that's why were all standing!
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    iPhone battery life

    I've been having great battery life, but I keep my brightness down and I have no problem seeing the screen at about 1/3 brightness in any condition, so maybe that helps.