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    Ditch uVerse for Apple TV?

    We have 3 tv's, an iPad Air and 2 iPhone's. We want to cut the cord from uVerse. Our internet speed is 12mbps. We would only use 2 tv's at a time, tops. Could their be buffering issues when all the tv's are in use? Is it worth cutting the cord? Sent using iCafe app
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    Junk email

    Is there a better way to filter junk email so it doesn't go in my inbox constantly? Sent using iCafe app
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    Camera flash

    Last night our waiter tried to take a pic of me and my wife. The light was pretty low. When she took the pic the flash didn't come on making the pic look horrible. I had to manually turn the flash on in order for the pic to look good. Is this a defect? Sent using iCafe app
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    Facebook read receipts

    How can I get rid of fb read receipts on my iPhone 5s and facebook app?
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    Uploaded Slo Mo video grainy

    Why does the slo mo video look fuzzy and grainy when uploaded to Facebook? Sent using iCafe app
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    Touch ID won't recognize my fingerprint

    I tried with 3 different fingers and my fingerprint reader doesn't work. Help! What am I doing wrong? Sent using iCafe app
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    Can I get a new iCloud address, but still get mail from my previous iCloud account?

    I want a different iCloud email and I would like to use a gmail account that gets pushed to the server. I currently use the gmail account that gets pushed so I can get the emails ASAP. Any workaround? Sent using iCafe app
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    Email issue

    I use a different email for iCloud. How do I get emails pushed to me the second it comes in for my other gmail account that I use on ios7? Sent using iCafe app
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    best time to order 5S for store pickup

    What time of the day is the best for me to try and order a 5S at my local Apple store? After midnight, in the early a.m....?
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    Can an iPhone be used for just voice and no data?

    I use my iPad Mini for data primarily? Can I pick a used iPhone and just use it for voice?
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    iPad Mini. Pick up in store?

    I'm trying to choose the pick up in store option, but it keeps saying that its unavailable. I though the trick was to wait after 10pm?
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    should iPad Mini replace my iPhone 5?

    The more and more I'm thinking of it....the iPad Mini could just replace my iPhone 5. I don't talk on the phone a lot. Mainly I use it for internet, email, facebook, Skype, etc...I could use Google Voice or Skype for calling with the earbuds. Here is the confusing part. Currently I have...
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    5th Gen, sleep/wake button

    My iPhone 5's sleep/wake button seems higher than on my iPod Touch 5th Gen. Why is the button so low on the iPod?
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    How to get in Purchased Apps

    Has anyone figured how to get into the purchased apps? It keeps timing out by me still. iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5th gen.
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    iMessage on iPhone 5, rrrrrr

    Why does iMessage stop working at certain times? My wife's phone is literally next to me and it will not work in wifi or 4G. It won't turn blue, constantly green. This happens sporadically.
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    iPhone 5 camera

    I used my iPhone 5 last night at a concert. How can I get optimal pictures under low light conditions? The flash works, but if I'm 10-15 ft away from the person/people I'm shooting the picture still looks very dark.
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    iPhone 5 home button issue

    My home button makes a clicking sound after I press it as the button is coming back up. Anyone else have this issue? Would this be considered an Apple Store genius bar visit or should I call Apple directly?
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    iHome adapters for iPhone 5

    I am one of many who got screwed. Are there any suggestions for adapters for these as of yet?
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    iPhone 5 WiFi issues, over limit

    I go to a local hotel for work once in a while and always use their wifi. The iPhone 5 showed the wifi bars just like it did on my previous iPhone. I received a message that says I went over my data limit though? Is there anything that I had to input to avoid this? The hotel wifi is very...
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    Upgrade & line swap at Apple-iPhone 5

    I am to be picking up 2 iPhone 5's at the Apple store on 9/21. I also pre ordered one. One of those 2 lines are not upgrade eligible. How would I use another line that is upgrade eligible (which is a basic phone, not a smartphone). Do I just use the eligible line to pick up the iPhone 5 at the...