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    Any luck with Vista 64 Bit?

    The "Apple Mobile Device Support" program (which installs on 32-bit machines), doesn't get installed on 64-bit machines. This program is installed along with "iTunes" and "Apple Software Update" (which you can see from Control Panel>Programs and Features). Apple Mobile Device Support is a...
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    Interface with Hotmail

    Nope, Hotmail doesn't allow you to access it as a POP3 server. It only allows you to access up to four other POP3 servers from their web page.
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    After a 13 hour WAIT...Now THIS? THX AT&T!

    20,000 new hires for this launch? Where did you pull that number from? I call B. S.
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    What happened when you plugged into USB port?

    Uninstall & reinstall "Apple Mobile Device Driver". When you install iTunes, it actually installs three programs, this one, "Apple Software Update", and "iTunes". The first one is the one responsible for talking to iTunes.
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    waiting for activation anyone?

    Their disclaimer on iTunes said, "up to six minutes"! Hey, 6 minutes... 12 hours... who cares after you've wasted a day standing in line for a black coaster.
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    After a 13 hour WAIT...Now THIS? THX AT&T!

    I'd send you a pic, but my iPhone isn't activated. It's stuck on, "Activate iPhone. Connect to iTunes. Slide for Emergency". I'll repost if/when I hear from AT&T.
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    After a 13 hour WAIT...Now THIS? THX AT&T!

    Please... take this 5 oz brick off my hands. AT&T screwed up big time with their overwhelmed activation servers. I'm so glad I spent the entire day waiting in the hot sun, dropping 2 x $600, only to sit here, staring at two worthless unactivated coasters.