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    Monster Screen Clean

    This stuff is great for cleaning the screen, it's alcohol free and it's made for cleaning plasma and LCD screens. Just thought I'd let everyone know.
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    Question about the Map Search Feature

    Lets say I want to search for pizza places, but I'm on vacation in NYC. Will my phone automatically recognize that I'm in NYC, or will it search in my hometown?
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    Most aftermarket headphones don't work with iPhone?

    Very disappointed to find out that because the way Apple designed the input for the headphones on the iPhone, most aftermarket headphones won't work. My $40 dollar phillips headphones are now worthless, great....The only phones that will work are those with a straight plastic piece at the end...
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    ****for Everyone With Low Volume***

    I'm going to Apple in an hour. We'll see what the story is with the low volume, if it's just my phone or all iPhones. I'll up date about 3 hours from now.
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    MAJOR problem with iPhone volume

    The volume on my phone is so bad, that I can't even have a conversation unless I'm at home sitting in silence. Just walking through a shopping mall was enough back-round noise to make a conversation impossible. Even driving drown the highway-windows up-I could barley hear the other person, and...
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    iPhone has MAJOR problems

    I picked up a 4g iPhone yesterday, and I'm very disappointed in a few things. 1) The ear piece volume is the WORST I'VE HEARD ON ANY CELL PHONE, EVER. This includes phones I had 7-8 years ago. With the volume all the way up, you can barley hear the person on the line. It's actually so bad...