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  1. shugo

    Never-Ending Respring

    So I updated 4 tweaks about an hour ago (Lockinfo, Springtomize 2, Lib Weather, and WeeToolBox), and has since then been respringing every time the lockscreen has finished loading. Wont go into Safe Mode either, as it doesn't recognize it as a "crash." I have tried doing a hard reset, tried...
  2. shugo

    Weird speaker problem due to Cydia app?

    Ok, I have an interesting, unusual problem. I went to answer my phone when it decided to crash and return to safe mode. Since then when I lock/unlock my phone the audio comes from the speaker at the top, and there's an option when I'm listening to music/YouTube to play from the speaker on top...
  3. shugo

    Different Apple ID

    The Apple ID that I am using is different from the one that pops up. Instead of "" it's showing "" I have apps that won't update because "I have not verified this Apple ID", and it's getting rather annoying. Is there a way to fix this issue? Sent from my iPhone 4S using...