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    The Box Opening Ceremony

    The not being able to activate it from AT&T has me wondering. I talked to a representative today about changing my number when I got the phone and they said it wasn't a problem, just had to pay a $36 fee. But if you can't activate it I wonder if they would do that in the store when you got the...
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    Wallstreet Journal Review

    The problem is not having internet coverage on my laptop say when I trek across Nevada, so was hoping to be able to still email documents from my laptop through my phone
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    Wallstreet Journal Review

    One thing I wish it had which it doesn't look like it does is some way to store files other than music or videos. I do a lot of stuff on the road and was hoping that I could sync my laptop with the phone to put say a pdf on the phone so I could email it through the phone when I can't find...
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    Keeping number

    I have a question regarding numbers and AT&T contract. My contract isn't currently up, but I see you can still get the iPhone. My question is can I change my wireless number at that time? I didn't know if the wireless number is linked to the contract or just the account number.
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    iPhone Pricing Plan Discussion

    The only other question I ask is will AT&T offer insurance for this phone?
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    I had nextel before they merged, and it was horrible. Even after they merged my friends had it and just to call 411 was a chore. It was sent to people that can't speak english. And the coverage sucked. As soon as I was 30 miles east of reno I didn't have service till I hit Idaho.
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    iPhone will cost more money for current customers in contract

    Anyone find this out for a fact? I would have to let the iPhone go if this is true.
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    $99/month to use WiFi?

    I highly doubt the plans will be that price. Those data plans including the wi/fi have been on there for the past two weeks. Since the iPhone will be required to have both they will make it less. Especially when verizons unlimited data plan is around $50.